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Posted by SaraG on December 26, 2016


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It wasn’t one, but when KpopontheDL sent me this link a couple of weeks ago, I considered it an early Christmas present. So thank you, KpopontheDL. I LOVE it. Like, a lot. But to this point I have been able to find very little information on this baby artist. So this week, we will talk about something so shiny and new that I won’t have much say…other than how much it kills me. With kindness.

Glabingo, a new artist on OctoJ Entertainment, appears to have written and composed his two debut songs all on his very own…and if my research is correct he is only 17. That is 17 YEARS old. A fetus. Even if he is a bit older than 17, he is still young enough that this composition is pretty amazing. The opening bars sounds a bit like one of the songs on the Descendants of the Sun OST…it took me a couple of listens to place it, but once I did, I didn’t care anymore because  I had heard this song so many times that I just couldn’t care anymore. It’s only a few bars after all.

The English used in the song isn’t quite right, the sentences don’t always make a lot of sense. But for whatever reason this doesn’t distract me either. I only really noticed because I made a point to notice. And now that I pointed it out to you, you will notice and I am sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin it for you.

The video is beautiful, Glabingo (a combination of glad and bingo…because he wanted a happy, positive name…that is his age showing) is in various settings, singing and doing a little bit of dancing. There are all sort of images being projected on and around him…bubbles, cityscapes, the moon. etc. But, the real highlight of the video are the two dancers. Clearly trained in various styles, you get to see some very solid contemporary and ballet. They are beautiful.

The whole package is solid. I am very much looking forward to what this fetus does once he is born. Very excited.

Glabingo, As Feel




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