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Posted by Stephanie on December 27, 2016


recently-updated14It’s way past time for another update to the LGBT list, don’t you think? The possibles are coming faster and faster, as the net (and producers) have realized just how popular these things are. Unfortunately, with that comes a lot of bad entries or, to my chagrin, gay-baiting movies or dramas where the synopsis or poster makes the story appear to be one thing but when you watch it turns out to be something completely different. Irritating. Not sure if I’ve caught all instances of the former, but sometimes one just has to move forward and get the information out.

Here we go, the newest additions to the LGBT Movies and Drama List! 

Attraction 2016 Chinese

Attraction is a fantasy web movie. It talks about the meeting between 2 straight boys from different social circles, and their story from a fantasy point of view. The story is pieced together with a few short chapters of stories

Movie/gay/main storyline

Stephanie note: This is pretty terrible.

a-round-trip-to-love-2A Round Trip to Love Part 2 2016

Continuation of A Round Trip to Love

Movie/gay/main storyline/bad,bad,bad ending. (According to the flame of comments online)

blue-hourThe Blue Hour 2015 Thailand

The story of a bullied teenager Tam who befriends and has a sexual relationship with a mysterious gay boy Phum at a haunted abandoned pool. Their affair starts out as a romance but, later, shifts to a darker territory.

Movie/gay/main storyline

Fathers 2016 Thailandfathers

Phoon (Asda Panichkul), 36, a finance and investment manager, and Yuke (Nat Sakdatorn), 33, a graphic illustrator, have been in a serious relationship for 13 years. The couple has adopted an abandoned child named Butr (Aritach Pipattangkul) since he was a baby. When the child goes into grade one at school, he is made fun of not having a mother by his school friends, which makes the once-specialty that he has two fathers undesirable. Consequently, the son begins to ask about his own mother, and that causes some discomfort to the fathers to answer. Following the advent of Rattiya (Sinjai Plengpanich), the director of Children’s Right Protection Organization, everything in the family is changed. Her suggestions and the dig-up for Butr’s background causes even more tension to Phoon and Yuke. The couple doesn’t have so many options but to choose what is the best for their son, even though they may be in despair.

Movie/gay/main storyline/I hope this has a happy ending otherwise that’s just sad

Feel Good to Say Goodbye 2016 Thailandfeel-good-to-say-goodbye

The story of love and bound of high school students. Chai is beach volleyball player who face the grave danger in his life. Aek is shining player of football team. Competition in sport game with a stake of honor. A love matter which he have to win it. ? Love is a great thing which will be impressed on their hearts.

Movie/gay/main storyline/sad ending

Stephanie Note: Essentially you know right from the beginning that these guys never made it. Bummer.

Gayok Bangkok 2016 Thailandgayok-bangkok

A web series following the lives of six diverse gay men living in Bangkok and their drama – relationship, career, family and, most of all, sexual health.


Movie/gay/main storyline/hopeful ending

Stephanie Note: I watched this, it was pretty good. More of a more real-life take on the subject matter. While not every story ends happily, some are open ended, it worked for all the characters. I hear they are going to make a season 2, which I would totally watch as I think there is still a lot of story left to tell.

Gray Secret 2015 Thailandgray-secret

Frame and Earth, they are the close friends since the college. One day, Earth introduce his boyfriend that older than him for 22 years name “P’Non” to Frame. They both have a good life. They love and take care each other. The love of this couple always in sight of Frame.
One day, Frame needs to go to Bank’s house to make a group works and that day is also the birthday of Bank’s mom. On that day, Frame also meet Bank’s dad and it makes him shock because Bank’s dad is P’Non who is the boyfriend of Earth.
What Frame will decide to do? Is he will tell Earth that P’Non is his friend’s dad? or He will tell Bank that Bank’s dad is the boyfriend of his friend?

Movie/gay/main storyline/

The Handmaiden 2016


1930’s Korea, in the period of Japanese occupation, Sook Hee is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, Hideko, who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering Uncle Kouzuki. But the maid has a secret. She is a pickpocket recruited by a swindler posing as a Japanese Count to help him seduce the Lady to elope with him, rob her of her fortune, and lock her up in a madhouse. The plan seems to proceed according to plan until Sook Hee and Hideko discover some unexpected emotions.

Movie/lesbian/main storyline/

Lost Love 2016 Chinese


Movie/gay/main storyline/from the comments online? Sad, sad, sad ending. As it is a Chinese movie, I’m apt to agree. 



My Bromance: The Series 2016


Based on the successful movie, Golf’s and Bank’s homophobic father/step father, sends Golf to the USA to study, while a devastated Bank stays in Bangkok, Thailand, after knowing their relationship. However 8 years later, Bank and Golf returns home from their respective trips (Bank was in Los Angeles working on a project as a researcher), and (Golf returns from a working trip in Pulau Weh, Indonesia as an experienced diver). Unbeknownst to Golf, is that Bank is attached to his overseas boyfriend (Jackson) of 2 years. Who will Bank choose, Golf, a lover/brother for more than 8 years or his soon to be husband (Jackson) of 2 years.

Movie/gay/main storyline

The Right Man Because I Love You – 2016 Thailandthe-right-man Than tries to have a relationship with Palm while text with his neighbor who help him with his problems and have to deal with his mother…

Movie/gay/main storyline


Sense… Love 2016 Thailandsense-love

It is the story of Shane who has to deal with his friends and family until Razorbacks comes to his life making her happier…

Movie/gay/main storyline

same-not-the-sameSame Same Not the Same 2015 Thailand

Inn and Max try superstitious Inn’s mom accepts their relationship as a couple.

Movie/gay/main storyline/happy ending

Stephanie Note: This is pretty terrible even though they do end up together at the end. Who tries to ration with their mother that way?

superstar-and-ordinary-people-2superstar-and-ordinary-peopleSuperStar & Ordinary People 2016



Movie/gay/main storyline

Stephanie: GAH! I need to see this. Like yesterday. You guys find it, you tell me where it is.

Who Sleeps My Bro 2016who-sleeps-my-brow

The movie follows a group of freshmen in college as they navigate through the wild days of friendship, pranks, and love. ~~ Based on the song written about friendship growing apart after college.

Movie/gay/main storyline/talk of a bad ending, a bad, bad, bad ending. 

Stephanie: I heard about this ending, I’m not touching this at all!

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