Uhoh, I Heard the Voice Behind The Voice

Posted by Stephanie on December 28, 2016



I’m officially concerned about The Voice. Why? Teasers look spooky and cool. Jang Hyuk is awesome in all that angst. Posters are on point. Found out it is actually taking place in a 911 call center. So why the hesitation?

A little drama called I Am Legend

This weekend I learned the current writer of The Voice also wrote the confused mess of a drama called, you guessed it, I Am Legend. Hoi Paloi! How is this writer still in business? I’m guessing they can’t be that in demand if they are still being billed as ‘who wrote I Am Legend‘. Not only was that drama troubled, but it was also like a million years ago (in kdrama years).

Okay, so it’s not like all of the show was terrible. The were some great characters. A kick-butt heroine. Half of the drama was good. The other half was good. It’s just that the two halves had nothing at all to do with each other. First half, ahjumma rock band, second half, Erin Brockovich-esc legal drama. Separately they would have been good dramas on their own. Together? A confused, disappointing mess.the-voice-2

So, what does this mean for The Voice? Well, we know this a writer who is not afraid to have a show without romance. We know that it’s a writer who can write compelling characters. We know that this is a writer who goes into a drama without a plan. A seat-of-the pantser if you will. This style of writing is okay, so long as you keep the end goal or overarching theme in mind, rather than taking a 90 degree turn half way through going that way for a while before remembering “Oh, yeah, I had a point” and veering back that way. Harumph.

Perhaps though, since this writer is starting off in a dark place, they’ll be happy to keep it there. Perhaps they’ve taken this time between dramas to reflect and get better at their craft. Perhaps Jang Hyuk is a good enough actor to make anything work. Whatever the case, I think I’ll still check out the drama, but I’ll be giving the whole thing major side-eye while doing so.the-voice


  • Reply Elena Linville December 28, 2016 at 10:47 am

    Oh noes, say it ain’t so! I was so looking forward to this drama 🙁 I’ll watch it anyway just for Jang Hyuk, but I still hope it will turn out at least halfway decent.

    • Reply Stephanie December 28, 2016 at 12:33 pm

      Cross our fingers!

    • Reply Stephanie December 30, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Ugh. Did you see I Am Legend? Ugh. Let’s cross our fingers together!

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