Kdrama—Sneaking Up On US TVs

Posted by Stephanie on December 29, 2016



It’s about time isn’t it? After lots and lots of shows (okay, like 4) getting optioned for US networks, we finally have our first drama lined up with a slot for actual airing. And the show that finally made it? God’s Gift—14 Days.

Huh. Really? You went with that one? 

I’m not going to say that there is anything wrong with God’s Gift. I heard it was a really good show (with the exception of that ending) that was not only well done, but was popular. It was actually on my TBWList — unfortunately, word of that ending quickly knocked it off.

As the show has a unique premise, I can see why the show was intriguing for US TV watchers. I can see why this show was plucked out of the pile for remake. What holds me back is the fact that they would choose the one show which has a time table, an infinite amount of time the show can be on the air. 14 days. I know there is some stuff which happens before the woman goes back into time, but once she hits the past, she has 14 days to do what she needs to do, find the killer, save the kid, and get back. US shows and their love of seasons after seasons after seasons, they are going to need to have a plan for this. A plan for what sort of show they want, where they want the plot to go.

LAUGH. Turns out I should probably get the full story before getting my rant on.

This show called, Somewhere Between, is scheduled for a 10 episode run this summer for ABC. The show is part of an attempt to have new programming during the usually dead summer season (the gap between spring and fall). Now this makes me excited. This is the sort of show I would be interested in checking out. Well. Maybe once I figure out how it ends.

Way to go Kdrama! You are officially on the board.

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