Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Kpop, Bringing Families Together

Posted by SaraG on December 29, 2016


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I have mentioned in the past that I was running pretty solo on the Kdrama/Kpop front for the first three years of my addiction. That isn’t ENTIRELY true. In fact, my little Ksupport system was physically far away, but just about as close to me as you can get – my mom. From as early as I can remember, my mom had a type and that type is pretty much perfectly embodied by the Kpop idol. See, I came by my proclivities naturally. Very naturally.  So when I watched my first drama, I immediately called my mom and strong armed her into joining me down the rabbit hole. Boys Over Flowers for EVERYONE!

For at least two weeks out of every year, my little family and I travel to my parent’s house on the east coast for a little r&r in the country. We wear pajamas for most of the day, we eat too much, we pretend like we are going to workout more than usual, the children run free,  and the adults maintain a solid buzz for a good chunk of the time. This year we traveled on Christmas day and are staying with my folks into the new year. It’s the best. It’s like a two week sleepover with one of my closest girlfriends….we talk about the boys we like, we listen to music, read fan fiction, watch videos, and giggle over Bangtan Bombs. It’s the best.

Sara: What should we listen to? What should we watch? What is your go to Kpop?

Mom: I love slow songs and emotional songs for the car because they aren’t distracting. But what I really love is the dancing so I can’t really listen to the dancey stuff in the car because all I do is picture the dancing. I just think about the videos. It’s dangerous.

Sara: So we should definitely watch a dancey one.

Mom: Yes! Definitely.

Sara: I can clearly remember the first time I showed you some Kpop videos in my basement. I think we started with BigBang, which you loved, and EXO which did magical things to both of us, but it was really Shinee that stuck out to you.

Mom: Oh yes, Shinee. I love Shinee. I particularly love Ring Ding Dong. It’s the wings. I love dancing and wings, so it is perfect.

Sara: Shinee always sounds a bit dated to me. I love them, but until recently their sound tended to be very 90’s American Pop.

Mom: yeah, but we are still listening to it because it stands the test of time. It is sounds like a specific time period, but it is still good.

Sara: So this is your favorite video of theirs?

Mom: yes. I like the wings, the choreography, their hair, and the boys. I like the boys. One of the parts that really sticks with me is when they are walking up the narrow stairs or ramp or whatever it is. There is just something about that part that I think about. I am sure it means something to me.

Sara: I love when they are dancing in the water. I love the stomping when the water flies up.

Mom: yeah…

Note: We both slipped into silence while watching the video…again… Because it’s Shinee.

Shinee, Ring Ding Dong.

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