Year In Review? The Good, The Bad, and The Unwatched

Posted by Stephanie on January 4, 2017



I watched dramas this year! I did, I did! Okay. So, not a lot of them. 2016 sucked balls for so many reasons, but my lack of drama watching desire was definitely one of them. However, good news guys! I seem to be coming out the other side. My subconscious is remembering dramas are a thing and sometimes dramas are a very good thing. (Next up, Leila and I are starting Goblin.) But this is all future things. We’re here to talk dramas from 2016.




This was one of the few dramas where I was excited right from the beginning, and it did not disappoint. Slickly written, with interesting characters (including one of the best kick-butt heroines of the year, and twists and turns you could not expect to see from the beginning. I love it when all the elements come together to create a really memorable experience. This is actually one of those dramas where you could use as a bridge drama between you and your non-kdrama watching friends.

Heroinheroin 59

I feel odd putting this on my good list, however, I feel weird adding yet another category, this one being all about my guilty pleasures. Outside the box is Heroin good? No. But it is! Is it well acted? No! But it kind of is (you know with that one guy)  Is it well shot? No. (And that answer will stay the same.) I think what I liked best about this drama was the story itself. Yes, it had flaws yes, I’m not entirely certain, even to this date, I actually saw all of the actual, filmed pieces of the show. I’m pretty sure the drama writers took some sort of drug and went on a little crazy-town visit, but once they came off their high, they went back to their reguarly scheduled drama. The show ends on a bit of a cliff hanger as they planned a now defunct second season. Yes. This show is not very good. But of all the LGBT content put out

Dude. How could this be all that’s on my good list? I either watched very, very little dramas or I just hit some bad ones.



This drama has a magical teleporting bathtub and a psycho possible Satan worshiping villain. Oh. Plus it’s billed as BL, but really it’s more gay-baiting than anything else. And this rising need to bait and switch is beginning to irritate me. Actually— forget begin. It’s just irritated my brain cells right from the start. If you’re gonna be a gay drama, be a gay drama already!

When A Snail Loveswhen-a-snail-loves

I feel kind of bad putting this show on the bad list and am not entirely certain that by the end of writing this it won’t suddenly find its way plopped onto the Meh list. Acting good. Cinematography, good. Plot bad. Well. Maybe not so much as bad as it moved too quickly, jumped around so much that I had trouble figuring out who was who on relation to the plot (with of course, exception of our main squad) there were times where I’d have no idea what was happening who was dead or possibly dead that was making them sad. So that when characters pulled a ‘woot, fooled-ja, not dead!’ we didn’t really care. Not to mention the writer made some dumb moved at the end, making characters work completely out of character in order to just move the plot around? Ugh! And then that cliffhanger ending. You couldn’t have just left it in a good place? You had to do what you did, both with the hero and the possible new bad guy? Come on. Ugh.

Signalsignal feature 3

Wait. How can a show both be on the good list and the bad list you ask? Easy-nuff. That ending. That mother flipping ending. Again, I won’t spoil as that would just be a disservice to an otherwise amazing drama but, the last two episodes, once you realize they are not actually going to be able to save you-know-who the show loses some of its heart, it’s narrative drive. And how they ended the show all together? Still sets my teeth to gnashing. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO MY AMAZING SHOW??? Only the rumbles of a second season, and the understanding that without these last two episodes this is truly an exceptional drama and attempting to not put it on the top literally hurt my heart

Irresistible Love- Secret of the Valet  (Also known as Uncontrolled Love)/2uncontrolled-love

This is terrible. Hands down probably one of the worst things I’ve watched for this year. There are people who like it. There are people who wonder why I don’t. I wonder how people think how a relationship so one sided, so abusive physically and mentally, could be romantic.


Love 020love o2o feature

This show could be classified under both ‘Meh’ or ‘eh’. I loved the first part of the story. There is nothing terrible or offensive going on with the rest of the drama.  I just feel that a while after the couple got together the story lost some steam. Or maybe they were just a boring couple. Not that I need to see of angst, tearing of hair, of crazy plot twists, but a little bit, a little bit of friction wouldn’t go amiss here. His love for her didn’t seem so much as overwhelming, but more just patting her on the head like a good girl.

Moonlight Drawn By Cloudsmoonlight-16-feature

I wanted to like this show, if for nothing else, then to just show my new found appreciation for the wonder that is Park Bo Gum’s cheeky grin. However, with a confused angsty plot which jarred with the original jokey tone of the show, a heroine who did nothing, NOTHING, to deserve the Prince who loved her, let alone never once fighting for their love, who turned from a kick-butt street smart woman to someone so stupid she couldn’t get out of her own way, and a baffling ending took my attempts to like it and laughed in my face. RIGHT IN MY EFFING FACE. Luckily the show did have the cheeky wonder (and remarkably wonderful actor) Park Bo Gum, as he, and only he, saved this show from the bad list.


What is this? Yeah, I felt like I should add in a list of the dramas I meant to watch and yet, never got around to it — but I absolutely totally will. Eventually. This, of course, includes the likes of Descendants of the Sun, 38 Task Force, W, and Second To Last Love.



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  • Reply purplerrr January 5, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    My favorite of 2016 was a show I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch but am so glad I did, “Dear My Friends.” I laughed and cried throughout and felt blessed to watch such a great bunch of actors.

    My second favorite was also unexpected, “Marriage Contract.” Normally I hate melos but this one had Lee Seo-jin and UEE in top form. Add in the cutest and totally believable young actor Shin Rin-Ah and it turned into sometime I’ve already watched twice. You might need tissues for this one too.

    Hmm both are 16 episodes. I think that helps too. Not too long. Not too short!!

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