Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s All Good

Posted by SaraG on January 5, 2017


On days like today…when your vacation is over and you are flying home, with a layover, knowing you still have to take down the Christmas tree at home  and that you probably have a mountain of laundry waiting for you and no food in the fridge…you need a song that is just going to make everything alright. Because, for me at least, that is the power of music…it is the magic maker, the mood creator, the motivation to make it through the day. And today, today I need to know that everything is going to be all good.

Jay Park is….Jay Park. He embodies just a little bit of everything I look for in an artist to boost my mood. He is hot, naughty, tattooed, and if I am not mistaken (and we all know that I am not), has a dash of dirty in there. With songs like Mommae, F*ckboy, and Sex Trip, I cannot be far off the mark on this one. For the most part, he is not someone I throw on while I’m cooking dinner for my family. His music goes from down and dirty dance number to straight up sexy time tunes. While I play it a little fast and dangerous with what I will let my children listen to…. ‘let’s shoot a movie’ is not a line I want them singing on the playground.

However, one AOMG song I do play on the regular is the 2013 release by singing-Jay Park, not rapping-Jay Park, featuring no one in particular. I say all of this because Jay Park likes to mix it up, he raps, he sings, he…R&Bs. He often has featured artists or DJ’s on his songs or he is the one being featured by someone else on his label. But for this one, it‘s just him. Just singing. Joah (which means good in Korean – 좋아) is an upbeat song and video. It’s all just him wandering through the city streets singing his little heart out with a snazzy red backpack, hanging with his boys on the stoop, throwing down a little b-boy action, and making time with his lady. It just makes me so happy. Everything about this song say optimism. It says yeah, life is life and it might not always be perfect, buts its GOOD. As always, my Korean isn’t good enough to really know what the lyrics all mean, but just take a listen and tell me this doesn’t make you happy.

Jay Park, Joah

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