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Posted by KpopontheDL on January 7, 2017

Khottie of the Week/ Music


I’m going to start with the disclaimer that these are my own personal picks for Khotties of the Year.  These are actors or idols that are new, or I just finally noticed, or, in some cases, jumped from really far down on my list (Eww, yuck) to really high on my list (My eyes are dazzled. I can no longer see anyone else.)

Lets start with: You Can Tell I’m Still a Newb, or, Khotties I Just Noticed

Kim Young Kwang.   Thanks to Stephanie, and a couple of cute dramas this year (The Man Living in My House & Go Ho’s Starry Night), I have a new drama Ultimate Bias.  I’m in the midst of trying to watch everything he’s ever done, ever.

man-living-in-our-house-kim-young-kwang-10 photography_asian-male-stars_korean-stars1_zpscc8f0296

Kanto, who is a rapper for the group Troy, put out a solo song this summer called Lonely that I have not stopped listening to on repeat.  When I looked him up, this is what met my eyes.  I’m in love.


Lee Je Hoon.  All handsome up in the handsome.  Basically, I never get tired of looking at him.  And he’s an interesting, talented actor.leejehoonsinglesjuly16_1b77e130f1d06c253cac175e07dbf4a29

For the category of: Everybody Thinks They’re Hot and I Am No Exception, or, Well, Duh.

Park Bo Gum.  The great roles. The smile.  He’s cheeky and charming and nobody can resist him.

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Kim Ji Soo.  Even when he’s acting like a goober – Page Turner & Scarlet Heart – he’s still my favorite thing in every drama he’s in.75e71e16a99e2deddbbb3d933966d573 tumblr_odyexvuazf1si550ao1_1280

For the category of: I’m Still Sorting Out My Feelings, or, Secret Bias Wrecker

Wonho, Monsta X.  Ok, so you know how when you try to describe how much you love something and you make inarticulate sounds and you flap your hands around a lot?  My Monsta X bias is still officially Jooheon, but why do I spend all my time looking at pictures of Wonho?

Wonwoo.  There are so many gorgeous men in Seventeen it’s hard to know where to look!  I really bias all of them, because they’re all special.  I’ll pause here so you can make fun of me for excessive fangirling…  Done?  Ok.  I don’t know if it’s that all the dust has settled, his concept this comeback, his amazing voice when he raps (so deep), or the fact I’ve spent so much time selling him to Stephanie I’ve fallen in love with him too.

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For the category of: Fresh Hot Doughnuts, or, Newbies on the Scene

Shin Jae Ha.  I know he’s not right-out-of-the-box new, but he just started appearing in things in 2014, and he’s had a lot of activity in 2015-2016. I noticed him in Page Turner, as one of the male leads, and was completely charmed by his naughty bad-boyness, in Go Ho’s Starry Night.

ie001728548_std a1

NCT’s Taeyong.  I mean… seriously.  He reminds me of a young Jaejoong.  He has the most intense gaze ever.  He’s the kind of talented that even makes other idols pause.  Just, wow.

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Up10tion’s Kogyeol.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  He’s not even the one they always trot out as their visual!  He’s a vocal and one of the sweet, serious members.

up10tion-kogyeol 629139d08dfd4de666f8667fd81aacce

Astro’s unreasonably pretty Cha Eunwoo.  I gasp practically every time I see a picture of him.  He’s getting a lot of screen time these days, and I have no complaints.  He gets adorably flustered easily, and he won my heart without even trying.

tumblr_ofyxx2xzcy1v0xw9xo1_1280 tumblr_ohenlmmyny1u20wb7o1_1280

SF9’s Zuho.  The deep voiced rapper with the amazing sexy nose.  He played a bad boy in Click Your Heart, but he seems more playful and naughty to me.  And he’s a fantastic dancer.

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For the category of: Most Improved Khottie, or, Cannonball Bias Wrecker

Kai, EXO.  This one probably sounds weird, right?  I mean, Kai is gorgeous. I always knew that in an intellectual way. But, there was something about him that set me against him.  He was at the bottom of my EXO bias list and I planned for him to stay there. But then, because I am fair, I had to admit I always liked him in their photo shoots, and I loved him in Monster.  So much so, that on a whim, I went to watch one of his V App broadcasts.  6 minutes in and I was officially gone. I sent it to Emma, also not a Kai fan, and we watched it together.  Her response was: “THIS IS EMOTIONAL PORN!”  Those idols know what they’re doing, y’all.


Ken, Vixx.  This time last year, I could not stand Ken.  Could. not. stand. him.  He’s was overly cutesy. He was the source of all my Vixx secondhand embarrassment.  He was awkward looking, and his lips were too big.  Now, I adore his lips.  His stylist finally got it right and, oh my god.  I appreciate his confidence in his skills.  And I love how sweet and loving he is to his members and his fans.  Nobody is more surprised than I am that he’s my Vixx bias now.


This was both incredibly fun and incredibly hard to do!  Its exhausting going through thousands of pictures of gorgeous men and picking just the right one to represent them.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know down below in the comments if you discovered anybody new this year who’s now on the top of your bias list.  Or if anybody surprised you and made a meteoric jump.  I love hearing from you!  See you next week!

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    Nice list!! I will check out some of the newer idol groups that you have mentioned… lots of new faces.

    Thanks for suffering through all the research to give us the cream de la creme.

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