Time Traveler and His Possible (Hopefully) Wife

Posted by Stephanie on January 10, 2017


tomorrowwithyou_1Are we already talking about what comes after Goblin? What the! I haven’t even had a chance to start Goblin yet! It’s like we can’t even watch one show without worrying about what comes…

Oh wait. Tomorrow With You is next?

Nevermind. I’m cool. Bring on news of the next drama. Teasers? Character photos? Posters? Come on, I’m ready for whatever you’ve got! 

No mistake, I’ve been excited about this show since news first came out, and that interest quadrupled when I found out that Lee Ji Hoon had signed on for the lead. I heart him, I heart him, I heart him so much I just want to eat his face. (Not in a weird way! I often say this to my cat. Except— I’m not making that better am I?) Face eating aside, I love him as an actor and I’m really quite excited to see him in another project. I think it’s funny how he said he wanted his next project to be a romance and, check it out, his next project is a romance. With Shin Min Ah no less, the queen of the epic romance.

Yes, Tomorrow With You is a romance, however, I think it still has the potential for a meaty plot that a Lee Ji Hoon requires. Or at least it seems to, I’m a little confused as to where they plan to take this story after watching these teasers. Check them out and then let’s discuss.

I’m not entirely certain I know where this show is going. I’m not entirely certain this show knows where it’s going. First half we have silly, over the top, standard cable comedy fair. Eh. Okay. Reminds me of a Flower Boy production. The other half we have moody probably angst filled, beautifully shot possibly bittersweet melo. Which way will they go? Comedy? Drama? Both? (Ew. That reminds me of what they did to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.)

The premise could go either way. Timetraveler (who travels in a subway car) uses his powers to make himself super rich (come on, who wouldn’t?) meets a washed-up star who is now trying to be a photographer and for some reason having to do with something he sees in the future, he marries her. Romance, and I’m sure hijinks, ensue from there.

Well, it would if it were the comedy.

If it’s the melo, there is the question on if they meet each other, if they will remain having met each other (considering it’s a time travel, something could happen, change the past and then the pair that once loved each other could never have met. Shades of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel.), if they will both survive this. I could see in those teasers one of them being dead. Maybe that’s what he saw in the future which convinced him to marry her.

Though I’m a little concerned for the tone of the show, just how they are going to pull it off, I am interested in seeing how they pull off this falling in love after the wedding. I’m not sure why as it’s not a new trope, I watched King2Hearts, I saw Full House (the Thai verison) I saw… that actually might be it as I’m not usually a fan of the trope, but here? For some reason it tickles me. Feels all romantic and shit.

The cast hooked me in, the premise made me interested, and the teasers almost drove me away. I wonder where we’ll all land on this drama in the end? Watch it? Pass it?

If only we had a time traveling subway car to tell us what to do…

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