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Posted by KpopontheDL on January 14, 2017

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Musical tastes vary widely here at Kchat Jjigae, but one thing we can all agree on is that we love a good rapper.  So, when mulling over ideas for who to cover this week,  I floated the idea of rappers past SaraG and she was enthusiastic.  However, I had to set some rules for myself or things could get out of hand.  The rules are: must be solo rappers, part of a rap duo, or rap crew. Basically, no idol rappers.  I am including producer-rappers because a lot of them do both.  Also, must meet my somewhat capricious definition of hot.

Gray is a producer for AOMG, but features as a rapper on a lot of tracks.  When I finally got a good look at him, I said “Holy cow, he’s pretty!”

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Sticking with AOMG, there is also Simon Dominic, or Simon D, who is co-CEO of the company with Jay Park.  Wowza.

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Please note:  I’m not covering Jay here. He gets plenty of screen time on his own.

Iron is…  problematic.  However, I enjoy his rapping and I enjoy looking at him.  It’s my post, I do what I want.


I love San E’s work.  He is really clever, easy to listen to, and makes me laugh.  I also enjoy San E’s face.  I like his square jaw and the sense of humor in his eyes.


Here’s a surprise!  To me at least.  Verbal Jint does his best to look terrible – just look at him in his video for Doin’ It (My favorite.  Check it out.) but turns out he’s super handsome.


I have so many more I could do, but thats it for this post.  I’m already planning a version for women rappers, and will probably do a part 2 of this one as well.  I know the Khip-hop scene is growing exponentially and I am sure I have missed a ton of handsome and talented artists.  Please let me know down in the comments if there’s somebody I should check out.

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