What’s Happening With…Jung Yong Hwa?

Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2017


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It happened again… I woke up with a sudden, burning question, whatever happened to?… this morning. This week? Jung Yong Hwa. Except my exact thought was — whatever happened to that guy — you know — the lead singer from CNBLUE. (Sorry, wake up brain is sleepy and nonspecific.)

Now, unlike last week and my Jang Guen Suk question, I think I know where this question came from. CNBLUE was at an awards show or won an award or maybe reached their anniversary and a picture of them showed up in my feed. I then thought, huh, hadn’t thought about them in a while. (Do you know CNBLUE was my first kpop iTunes purchase along with a Super Junior album?)

Anywhoo, so my brain had obviously been stewing on this question for a whole.

So. Whatever happened to Yong Hwa? 

Last I knew he was in 3 Musketeers the tvN drama that was supposed to have 3 seasons but with fairly terrible ratings, was pulled after just one. Did he give up on acting after that? Did he decide to just stick with his home base, music? Is he sad that the other members stepped up and got waaaaaay more attractive than him?

Let’s turn to trusty and never problematic answer giver, Wikipedia.

1) turn out, Yong Hwa has made quite the name for himself as a music writer and producer, writing music for up and coming acts.

2) Yong Hwa is 27, so he must be seriously considering his military service right about now.

3) 2016, he filmed his first movie, a Chinese production called, Cook Up A Storm, apparently, it’s billed for release this year.

4) It was announced he was cleared of all charges of insider trading, the scandal that came up last year after he was accused of buying stocks of his management company when he learned they were signing a top star. This was a particular bummer as the timing was hinkey in regards to them pulling out of KCon.

5) 2016 he starred in a preproduced drama called, The Package, about a group of travelers in Paris for jTBC. Huh. That sounds good. And as it’s a jTCB drama it’s entirely preproduced and set to hit the airwaves sometime this year. the package

So. Good to know. Again, my morning sleepy brain predicts gloom and doom, careers amidst a crash and burn free for all only to find out, nah, he’s doing just fine. As a matter of fact it looks like every is coming up kimchi for Yong Hwa this year. I’m happy to know this. I always did like Yong Hwa, I always really liked CNBLUE.

With him having a big year, I hope he takes care of himself. The last time I saw him perform when he was touring on top of acting, he looked crazy tired. And disappointing as he’d chosen not to wear his big signature earrings. Bummer man, bummer.

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  • Reply Rebekah Roberts January 18, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    Thanks for doing these updates. Maybe you should round out the “Your Are Beautiful” boys and tell us what’s been happening with Hong Ki? 😉

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