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Posted by SaraG on January 23, 2017



I had a very interesting snippet of a conversation this week with our much loved KPopontheDL about how, now that we have delved into Kpop, we consume music in a different way. This new way involves learning about and relying on our knowledge of music labels to give us a hint of  what sort of music we can expect from new groups and to speculate about how their idols are being treated as artists and people. This got me thinking about how I know quite a bit about the big three – SM, JYP, and YG. And I know some about BigHit and a few other smaller labels. I even know enough about some hiphop and R&B labels like Amoeba, Illionair, and AOMG, to get into trouble. But I know next to nothing about indie labels. This bothered me.

I don’t like to be bothered.

Mirror Ball Music is not actually a label, it is a distribution company that has incorporated a management system into its workings. The company, founded by a former MNET employee, has been around since 2007. They focus on indie artists and groups that do not currently work with a manager to provide access to marketing and distribution services. The dream of the founder was to set up a creative space for real artists, not just manufactured entertainers. He is quoted as saying “My great love for indie music is my greatest strength.” And judging by the sounds coming out of my speakers at this very moment, this man (or someone on his staff) really knows his stuff.

The very front page of the Mirror Ball website ( has a huge grid of new releases from the artists they both distribute and manage. It is like a freaking candy store of new groups and sounds. I could have…and may have… spent hours scrolling through, listening to new stuff. I even made my friend sit next to me and watch. She just wanted a glass of wine…it was a high price to pay, but she paid it.

Because this is Musical Monday and not a Throwback (Musical) Thursday, I will refrain from throwing a million links to the songs I loved into this post, but I will put up a few of the newer songs that I desperately needed to share with someone. Anyone. Because I am a giver.

I could find next to no information online about any of these groups…this is how cutting edge we are right now….There are fewer than 5,000 views on most of these songs. That hurts my soul.

AND MORE COME OUT EVERY DAY!!!!! I am in love.

My Golden Age, Fly Away


The Magus, Flutter


Burningsoda, Cutie Puppet


National Pigeon Unity, Supertask


Ashmute, Heaven


There were so many more…soooooo many.


  • Reply Stephanie January 23, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Mirrorball is actually where I find all my Kindie!

  • Reply KpopontheDL January 23, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I really enjoyed The Magus. And National Pigeon Unity is a brilliant name for a group – I liked their sound as well.

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