What’s Happening With… Lee Hong Ki?

Posted by Stephanie on January 23, 2017


This episode of what has apparently turned out to be a series — What Ever Happened With… was suggested by reader Rebecca who had the place of mind to realize what I had not. 

Dude. I’m not even sure how I missed that connection. So. Since Rebecca brought it up, now it makes me wonder too–Whatever Happened With Lee Hong Ki?

Why do I never remember Lee Hong Ki? I loved Jeremy in You’re Beautiful — who couldn’t? Jeremy was delightful and yet still managed to break all our hearts. Remember this?

Oh yeah. Broken Hearts across the board.

There was a time I actually rocked a Lee Hong Ki inspired haircut for a few years. I actually liked FTIsland. But now all I know about him? I don’t really want to watch his show Modern Farmer (or Bride of the Century). I don’t really listen to FTIsland, I’m not even sure if they have had any new releases lately. All I know are brief rumors about him being super cranky about what sort of music he wanted to put out.

It’s time to pull out our ever trusty Wikipedia and see what, if anything, Lee Hong Ki has been up too lately.

  1. Turns out he had his own solo album. Wonder if he was able to put out all his own style music. Question. Do we know the rest of the members of the band? Take CNBlue, we know each of them outside the band, all of them having their own careers. I even know one of them really, really likes deep sea fishing. (According to his Instagram.) Or I even know the members of the band enough to know that they have solo Instagram–and even follow a few of them. Oddly, though now that I think about it, not Yong Hwa. FTIsland? I could not name for you a single other member. Sorry boys.
  2. Hey. Turns out he was supposed to be in the drama, Master of Study (or God of Study) but due to scheduling conflicts had to back out. Wasn’t Park Shin Hye in that? I know Lee Min Ho was. I think. Or was that I Am Sam. Which one was T.O.P in?
  3. Modern Farmer, his last drama was 2014. Woah. That’s officially a really long time ago.
  4. Awww… Park Shin Hye starred in his music video for his solo album. That’s just too cute.
  5. Unfortunately, the only thing mentioned at all for 2016 was the fact he came out to be in a relationship with Han Bo Reum, who was also in Modern Farmer. Huh. Well, that’s cute.
  6. Wait! Turns out in 2016,  he starred in a musical Those Days.
  7. He also hosts a radio show called Kiss the Radio
  8. In 2016, FTIsland came out with not one but two different releases, N.W.U (Japanese) and Where’s The Truth (Korean) which are entirely self-produced.

So. Like the other contenders for Park Shin Hye’s heart in You’re Beautiful, Lee Hong Ki seems to be doing pretty well for himself. I do wonder if he’s decided (or if others have decided for him) that he’s done with acting. I like to think he’s just decided to go back to his first passion, music, and settle in there. Now, I feel like I should, just on principal, go and give their new music a listen. You know, for old times sake. You probably should too, as you wouldn’t want to make Jeremy sad now, would you?


**If you have anyone you think is MIA and would like to me to investigate, put my crack investigational skills to finding out what’s happening with them, just let me know!


  • Reply Crystal J Williams-Brown January 23, 2017 at 7:36 am

    I actually really like Bride of The Century. I haven’t watched Modern Farmer, but that’s mostly because I took a long drama hiatus and now I’m supposed to be catching up but-Goblin distracted me. When I finish Princess Wei Young I’ll head over to Modern Farmer (I always need a light show after historical dramas).

  • Reply SaraG January 23, 2017 at 8:01 am

    He also did the whole professional bowling thing with Kim Soo Hyun

  • Reply humbledaisy1 January 23, 2017 at 10:02 am

    I always thought he was a singer first, then an actor. Then, I found out he was a former child star and all that angst seemed totally earned.

  • Reply Elena Linville January 23, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Speaking of someone who fell off the face of the Earth, whatever happened to Lee Min Ki? Worth investigating.

  • Reply Rebekah Roberts January 25, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Thanks for credit. 😉 And for checking in with him. Glad he is doing well!! I was SUPER excited to see he is dating Han Bo Reum, I have never had second female lead syndrome other than Modern Farmer (which I thoroughly enjoyed btw), but their chemistry was off the charts… Makes perfect sense now!!!
    I have loved ftisland’s new stuff and I’m so excited that they are self producing now… I feel like you can really tell a difference.
    Also, another member of FTIsland is Lee Jae Jin, who did a stint on Disney Channel South Korea…and is one of the loveliest men on earth.
    Anyways, thank you for checking into that!!!!

  • Reply Monica Ramos (@MR_FTiNo1) September 27, 2017 at 5:50 am

    Hello, I’m glad someone is taking interest on Hongki. I know he’s the most popular member of FTISLAND, but everyone is really missing out on the other members. I’ve been an FTISLAND stan ever since I heard of kpop. My favorite member being their drummer, Choi Minhwan, but for the longest time I was in love with all members (even their former member Oh Wonbin). I don’t want to he rude, but as a ime fan, it hurts when articles like this one are shared and just simoly brushes off the other FTISLAND members by stating (the obvious and sad truth) that they’re not even as recognized as Hongki. I think it’s worth putting them on a better light, so for future suggestions, if you do more articles on FTISLAND, I would love if you would also include more on the other members as part of your research. Thank you.

    Best wishes to your site.

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