A Very KCHAT Jjigae Announcement 

Posted by Stephanie on January 24, 2017


A Very KCHAT Jjigae Announcement

Good day visitor. First off, thanks for stopping by. Niceties out of the way? Let’s begin.
This next week or so you’re going to be seeing some random changes to the website. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but as of late the site has been having some technical issues. It started as a pesky little error message we would randomly get on the back door of the site and, since then, has grown like a festering grossness that has spread to the front, causing error messages, slow load times and just random complete shut downs.

I’ve spoken with the host company and they’ve said it’s either some of our plug ins or the design itself–even though we’ve made no changes there at all with these things to warrant the increasing issues. Anyway, so we have no other recourse but to shut down all plug ins slowly reintroduce then, and hopefully, we’ll find the ram spiking culprit.

So, in summary, please bear with us as we get through this trying time. 😉



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