Musical Monday – Overachievers

Posted by SaraG on January 30, 2017


How many times have you looked at a Korean idol or actor and thought to yourself ‘How can someone be this beautiful? How does this much amazing gorgeousness exist in a single being?’ This happens to me on the regular. Very regular. And then I google the object of my momentary obsession and find out that they have or are about to receive a degree from some prestigious Korean University in something like architectural engineering or international business. And they got these degrees WHILE DOING WORLD TOURS. I mean, I have a couple of masters degrees under my belt too, but I worked at a gym doing my homework in the back office. I promise that no one was screaming my name in a lusty fashion while I was trying to concentrate.

I am not naive enough to suggest that these international celebrities attended all of their classes and did all of their homework and got straight A’s. However, I also know that the Korean educational system is pretty intense and they must have at least done enough to satisfy entry requirements and maintained a decent GPA. That seems pretty laudable. And then there are those that go above and beyond even that level of achievement. Enter, Verbal Jint.  

I am going to bet that most of the folks reading this post have a pretty good idea of who Verbal Jint is…I’m hoping you do. He’s amazing. Really and truly.  Before becoming the man we know today, this joker went and got himself a degree in economics from Seoul National University and then served his time with the Korean Military in the KATUSA program. That’s right, his English was so good they had him serve in an elite unit alongside American soldiers. And then, THEN, he enrolled in Hanyang University’s law program, from which he is taking a break to, you know, change the face of Korean rap in both the underground and the main stream.

The only thing that is making all of this ok for me is that he isn’t some baby idol…he at least has the decency to be my age. Well, one year younger, by who’s counting?

Verbal Jint released his first stuff underground in 1999 and made his official debut in 2001. Before him, Korean rap was…well…it existed. This fella came along and changed everything. He was one of the first Korean rappers to choose his words carefully…and to rhyme. It was actually innovative for him to be rhyming. While rapping.

I’ll let that sink in.

This guy started his own hip hop crew, Overclass, that included folks like San E and Urban Zakapa. He was a judge on Show Me the Money, has some major collaborations under his belt, and has done a world tour. He even started his own indie label while still promoting under Brand New Music.

Verbal Jint very recently released his first single of 2017 and I loved it within the first 9 seconds. Because his voice. There is no official MV for the song…no MV at all really, but I couldn’t NOT share it with everyone. I have included a link to a Youtube video that just shares the audio. For this song, it’s enough. The backing track is solid, the rhymes are great, and his voice…………

Verbal Jint, OGinmydream

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