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Posted by Stephanie on January 31, 2017


Woah MOFO, woah. I’d completely forgotten about Good Doctor being picked up for the states. Understandable considering this was now, legit years ago with no word. But now it rears it’s head again, waves at us and says “Howdy, yup, I’m still a thing.”  

There is a notable change, swapping from CBS to ABC.

What has me excited is the name attached to it. Show creator will be none other than the same guy who created House. Come on, House was great! And super popular, right? People still look at Hugh Laurie and see House. His name has got to at least give this show some credence, right? Make someone take notice?

Of course, it could also be said that it’s how many years now and the guy is coming to plate with another unusual doctor story? Even I side eye that. But I guess that’s more a comment on the guy’s career and not so much the production itself.

I should also say, let’s not get too excited. ABC has ordered a piolet. Networks don’t just air pilots. Networks order a pilot and if that looks good they will order a season or a half season worth of episodes, then will find it a spot and only then will it make air. Remember, CBS also ordered a pilot of Good Doctor and we can see where that went. Yep. Nowhere. Until it was shuffled off to another network.

Wow. This post has been a rollercoaster. I managed to take very exciting news and grind it into the dust. Please excuse my pessimism. I’m writing while on the exercise bike. I’m obviously taking my irritation out on kdrama. I’ll stop now.

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