The Topsu Dirge Part 2

Posted by Stephanie on February 2, 2017


It’s the second. The march of the T.O.P and Junsu enlistment date plots on with ever increasing speed. I hate to be all moody and irritating, but do you honestly think BigBang will come back after this? Worst case scenario it will be about 10 years for all of them to go in, do their service and get out. I mean, some of them might start doubling up so it could be less, but it’s not so much like Super Junior where there are so many members where you can swap them out and still perform. (Although now with their big hitters out…not so much.) When they get out and if they come back they will certainly be a gentleman band. The statesmen of rockers. But who knows, Shinhwa is doing it. One of the other bands from the 90’s signed with YG to make a comeback. So, maybe? I mean, no doubt, they will be back as solo artists, but I wonder, as a band? Will they be back?

I would say the same thing goes for JYJ, but with them I’m not as concerned (not so much because I’m not as big of a fan of their group music but because they are a band who does their own thing and periodically comes together. Also, there’s the whole—Junsu is the last one to go, Jaejoong is out and Yoochun is not far behind.


Hmmm… so what to choose for todays Dirge? How about some loveable goofballs?으컁컁컁컁

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