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Posted by SaraG on February 9, 2017


It’s my birthday. I am now officially another year older than every Kpop Idol and Kdrama star that refuses to age by even a minute. And you might be wondering, what gift is SaraG getting this year to make this aging process more of a celebration than a mourning of her youth. The answer? TOP and Junsu entering training for their mandatory military service. On. My. Birthday.

Aging doesn’t generally bother me, and I am not the type to get caught up in being treated like a precious flower 364 days of the year. But on my actual birthday, I am a freaking princess and I demand special privileges and the ability to choose more than what I’m getting for dinner and what flavor cupcakes we’re having. This year, I would like to throw my birthday weight around to give TOP and Junse a military service waiver because of their priceless contributions to national identity. They are a cultural treasure. At the very least, they should be given the special assignment to spend the next two years writing music dedicated to me. For. My. Birthday.

No one has called me yet confirm that this waiver or special assignment has been granted, so I will instead wield my birthday power to force you all to share in good old fashioned TOP and XIA videos. For some reason, I don’t think anyone out there in Kchat land is complaining. Because you are benevolent readers. And because you have taste. And because TOP and XIA.

First up, a little TOP for the soul. I firmly believe that TOP is a pretentious ass…but in the best possible way. I trust that he genuinely loves contemporary art, obscure Eastern European stop animation film, and Haute Couture. He gets it. It speaks to him and he doesn’t quite understand that not everybody else is hearing the call. He’s thinking “Hey, this stuff is amazing and hits me right in the soul, I bet my fans would love it too. Here fans, enjoy this like I do.” What he doesn’t realize is that only like 28 other people around the world could give a crap about all of that stuff. I know of what I speak…my husband owns that same Eastern European stop animation film that TOP put on Instagram a number of months back. I really dislike that movie. But I really love that TOP (and I guess my husband) is so out of touch with reality that they think that I want to hear them prattle on about it. Really, I’m just watching him awkwardly dance around and listening to his absolutely sexy deep voice.

TOP, Doom Dada


But that’s TOP, that isn’t Choi Seung Hyun, right? I think Seung Hyun sings. I think he sings beautifully and we all melt when his deep voice cracks a bit with emotion… because it’s my birthday, this is true. If you haven’t seen the web drama Secret Message, I don’t necessarily recommend it. It’s pretty slow and, well, pretty boring. But Seung Hyun sings to our female lead over the phone to brighten her day and it’s everything you’re thinking it should be. Watching this drama was totally worth it for this and one other scene. The one where he waits for her for hours…so many sighs.

Let’s look forward to the return of our hero with increased confidence in his singing abilities  so we can have some more of this.

Choi Seung Hyun, Hello Haruka

The very first Xia video that I ever saw was kind of out of the blue. This sexy, sexy man in a jacket and no shirt was dancing and the rapper was using English…oh joys. I loved it from the first few notes. I can vividly remember thinking, whoever this guy is, he should be on the stage…like in a musical. I admit that I don’t like a lot of Junsu’s solo stuff. I’m not really a ballad girl and there is something about his songs that I find somewhat contrived. However, on every album. Every. Single. One. He has at least one to two songs that sound like they’re straight out of some completely new and cutting edge musical that I would watch Off Broadway starring some up and coming rapper that I obsess over for weeks and weeks following the show. I love those songs. I will be listening to those songs today.

Xia, Tarantallegra

We all know that Xia doesn’t star in musicals, Junsu does. Alix and I had the opportunity to see him live on stage performing in this much beloved (by me) show, Dorian Gray as the lead character. He was wonderful. There were all of the theatrics we expect from Dorian and all of the over the top dramatics we demand from Junsu. And tighty-whities. And boy kisses. And debauchery. In this song, Dorian is feeling the emotional impacts of 20 years of hedonism without the physical consequences. He is overwrought and paranoid.

My god, I love musicals.
Junsu, 2016 뮤지컬 ’도리안 그레이 (Dorian Gray)’ 뮤직비디오_ ‘또 다른 나’ 김준수

I wish these men a good rest from the public eye for the next two years and I look forward to whatever it is they choose to give us in the years after. My hat off to you…or my hood, really, because I always wear a hoodie at home…and I always take the day off for my birthday. BECAUSE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.

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  • Reply Stephanie February 9, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Does that Junsu video of Dorian have boy kissing? No? Junsu in underpants? No? BOOOOOO

    Also. Happy birthday.

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