Adult Dramas for Adults Wanting to Be Adults

Posted by Stephanie on February 15, 2017


This post is not for you young ones. This post is not for you readers who happen to be of an age where Kpop idols are legit age appropriate. This post is not those who, because of your age, when you call a male star oppa, it’s a little less creepy. (Oh, it’s still creepy, just a teeny bit less so.) No, this post is not for you. Go ahead and mosey on, we’ll catch you another day.

Now that this is taken care of, I’d like to talk to the rest of you out there. Readers, enjoyers of Kdrama, women and men of a certain age. (For all of us here, that age will remain nameless.) Let’s talk about something I’m sure we all have come to realize. Kdrama skews young. Real Young. If a drama doesn’t take place in high school or right after, it casts actors who, I swear sometimes look like they are twelve.

I’m not knocking these dramas. No sir-y Bob. I came into dramas by way of Playful Kiss. Many of you came here via Boys Over Flowers, both teen dramas. We’re not age-ists here. No, we’ll take our dramas how ever we can get them.

That being said. There are times, tell me if I’m wrong, that you start a new drama, and realize, “Hey, these people are all age appropriate!” and get a little excited? Sometimes it’s nice to have a drama where the characters, the situations, are a little more relatable. Dealing with issues a little closer to our homes. Of course, this could just be me.

Actually, I used to have trouble watching teen dramas at all because I could never really believe, as teenagers, they were going to be in it for the long haul. That I’d spend 16-20 episodes shipping a couple, rooting for them to be together only to realize that once the chapter ended, they’d probably drift apart once they got into college. (Ahem. Dream High. Ahem.) I’m like a little fluffy duckling. I bond. I want to finish my drama believing in my heart of hearts that these two are going to be together, married, happy, with a dog, possibly a cat, until they die just minutes apart.

I’m not saying my fantasy life is healthy.

When Leila brought up this topic, how her friend, who she’s been trying to introduce to Kdrama mentioned, after starting Signal, how nice it was to watch an age-appropriate drama, it got my thinking cap sputtering to life. What are the Age Appropriate Dramas? Adulting Dramas for Adults? PG13 for adult situations? And so this list was made.

Some disclaimers on the list.

1) I’ve decided to leave off weekend dramas. Weekend dramas by their very definition are multigenerational. I don’t know of a single one where it doesn’t show the younger, middle and eldest generation. A few suggestions though, for some of the more exceptional ones, Life Is Beautiful (Multigenerational family who run an pension on Jeju, coming to terms with the return of the wayward grandfather and the coming out of the beloved first son.) and Assorted Gems (Multigenerational, about a family, headed by a pair of irresponsible parents and the kids who have had enough). I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these two dramas. (And, even as I type, I now want to put Life is Beautiful on my tablet for my morning commute show.)

2) I’ve decided to keep it to (mostly) shows that I have seen. This will limit my list, I know, but there are a lot of dramas out there that I don’t know about and, unfortunately, for some reason, Mydramalist will not allow you to sort by couple’s ages. Though they should. Because that would be hilarious.

3) I’ve decided, the best I can, to organize by genres or the genre’s I’ve chosen. While there is a romance section, and many kdramas (okay most) have a romance in them. Some dramas could fit into more than one section, but I don’t want to be here all night so you only get one section.

So, that all being said, let’s get to our list!


Ando Lloyd – AI Knows Love?

Reiji Matsushima is a genius physicist. He realizes that he and his fiancé Asahi Ando will be killed a the theory which he advanced.
One day, in the year 2013, Reiji dies in a airplane explosion & crash. He was a handsome and world-famous professor who studied wormhole theories. It is a mystery whether his research on wormhole theory caused his death or not.
His fiance Asahi is a capable career woman working at a large IT company. She is beautiful and smart, but she met Reiji and fell in love with him. Her days with Reiji were happy, but one day he dies and somebody tries to killer. Asahi doesn’t know why someone wants to end her life.
Lloyd, who looks exactly like her dead fiance Reiji, suddenly appears in front of her. Lloyd came from the year 2113. His mission is to protect Asahi from any risky situations. Without Asahi’s knowledge, Lloyd fights to protect her. Lloyd doesn’t know what “love” is and doesn’t understand human anger or sadness.
At first, Asahi doesn’t like Lloyd, but slowly her feelings change. Lloyd also begins to develop feelings for her.

Stephanie Note: This show, a lot of fun. Age appropriate super hero? Woot!

Bad Guys

To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo Tak to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo Tak is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. Detective Oh Goo Tak gathers team members: Park Woong Cheol who is a gangster, Lee Jung Moon who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae Soo who is a contract killer. Also, Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young joins the team. She tries to have the guys work as a team by dealing with them rationally and sometimes emotionally.

Stephanie Note: These guys kick ASS. While I don’t love, love love the end, we’re all crossing our fingers for a season 2.

Cruel City/ Heartless City

Shi Hyun grew up in an orphanage, before running away from there. He then made a living by working as a drug courier and picked up the nickname “Doctor’s Son.” He’s now the boss of a mid-size gang. His drug supplier is a man known as Scale. Shi Hyun has plans take over his position.
Meanwhile, Hyeong Min becomes the section chief of a special investigation unit. Their goal is to take down Scale, who killed an undercover officer. Hyeong Min’s girlfriend Kyung Mi is also a detective. She also grew up in an orphanage with Soo Min. They grew up like real sisters and Soo Min is now studying to enter the police academy.
While trying to catch Scale, Hyeong Min learns about a guy called “Doctor’s Son.” Now, Hyeong Min and his team go after Shi Hyun.

Stephanie Note: Such a good show. Dark. Gritty. With characters you just latch onto. Cried my eyeballs out.


Kim Woo Hyun is the only son of a high ranking police officer. Woo Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ranked first. As a detective, he then joins the cyber investigation department. Woo Hyun then works to reveal the secrets of those that hide within the cyber world.

Stephanie Note: Woah those first few episodes! Then it is pretty episodic and then swings back to the main storyline.

God’s Gift  – 14 Days

Kim Soo Hyun always pushed her daughter, Saet Byeol, to not only do well in school but also to always come in first place. But tragedy strikes when Saet Byeol is kidnapped and killed, leaving Soo Hyun and her husband, Han Ji Hoon, with no clues as to who could have done such a terrible thing and why. Detective Ki Dong Chan struggles to find the killer, while Hyeon Woo Jin, who shares a past with Soo Hyun, tries to do what he can. But Soo Hyun is given a chance to go back in time to change the course of events.

Stephanie Note: Haven’t seen this one as I heard about the ending. Hrm.

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Park Sun Woo works as an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station. He is in love with news reporters Joo Min Young, who is bright and honest. Park Sun Woo then obtains 9 incense items, which allows him to go back 20 years in time. Sun Woo travels to the past in an attempt to keep his family safe in order to change the world he lives in today. However, this is not without consequences for his actions in the past affects the lives of many in the present, including his.

Stephanie’s Note: Good. Good. Good Show. It was a mind-bendy head thinker.


After finding an old walkie-talkie, Detective Park Hae Yeong manages to connect with Detective Lee Jae Han in the past. Together, with the help of Team Leader Cha So Hyun, they manage to solve South Korea most famous cold cases and reveal Police corruption.

Stephanie’s Note: So good. If you haven’t, go out, watch this you won’t regret it. Until you get to the last two episodes, then you’ll be disappointed, but I hear there may be a season 2, and for the rest of it? Still worth the watch.


A Gentleman’s Dignity

This drama will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure. The story includes the romantic relationship between Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue, and strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games.

This drama will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure. The story includes the romantic relationship between Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue, and strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games.

Stephanie’s Note: This show suffers from a sagging uber angsty middle, I really dislike the golfer friend, but besides that? This show had me from the start.

Discovery of Romance

Nam Ha Jin works as a plastic surgeon and he is a warm-hearted type of fellow. He has been in a relationship with Yeo Reum for 3 years and they love each other. Then, suddenly, her ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha appears in front of her and begs for forgiveness.

Stephanie’s Note: I was afraid it seemed like I just liked every show. Happy to know, nope. I don’t like all of them. Didn’t care for this show, however, I loved the side character of the roommates. They are too cute.

It’s Okay That’s Love

Jang Jae Yeol is a famous mystery novelist and popular radio DJ with a prickly personality. After meeting psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo when they both serve on a talk show panel delving into the criminal mind, they instantly rub each other the wrong way. But when Jae Yeol’s girlfriend plagiarizes his work, forcing him to lie low until the media storm blows over and he can prove his innocence, he unexpectedly becomes Hae Soo’s roommate. Jae Yeol moves into a home that he owns that is being rented by Hae Soo; Jo Dong Min, another psychiatrist and Hae Soo’s senior colleague; and Park Soo Kwang, a young man with Tourette syndrome. As Jae Yeol and Hae Soo’s personalities clash, they help each other heal from their own deep-rooted emotional scars.

Stephanie’s Note: Romance between older characters is a thing. It is beautiful. It can break your heart. This show is unlike so many other kdramas out there and while it will leave your heart dinged, it’s totally worth the damage.

Last Scandal 

Hong Sun Hee is a housewife who accidentally meets her first love, Jang Dong Chul, again. Now he is known as Song Jae Bin and is a famous movie star who didn’t recognize her. Sun Hee’s husband lands himself in jail for debts and Sun Hee applies to the wealthy Dong Chul for aid. He isn’t inclined to help her because she’s no longer the beauty she once was but eventually she moves into his house as a housekeeper. The two bicker constantly but slowy they discover the feelings they had at 19 aren’t completely gone.

Stephanie’s Note: Yep. I watched it. If you have an older woman gets together with a hot star fantasy, it’s for you, but besides that I don’t really remember it.


Kang Jae is a wealthy businessman and gangster and Mi Joo is a plastic surgeon. These two meet after Mi Joo mistakens Kang Jae as being her sleazy brother-in-law. Kang Jae just happens to be the boyfriend of Mi Joo’s pregnant neighbor, Yoo Jin. Sae-yeon meets Mi-Joo and falls in love with her feisty attitude. Kang-Jae works for the father of Sae-Yeon who is a gangster. Mi-Joo and Kang-Jae fall in love.

Stephanie’s Note: I liked this show a lot until the end. Turns out older gangsters can be sexy. Then he went all noble idiot.

Padam Padam

The drama revolves around a love story between a tough guy, Yang Kang Chil and a bright veterinarian, Jung Ji Nah. Ji Nah’s character is described as a cold and indifferent person with some deep emotional scars, but she changes after meeting Kang Chil who’s lived a rough life and served some hard time as a result of a friend’s scheme. She then learns to give all of herself for the one she loves. Meanwhile, Kim Bum is set to play as Kang Chil’s most-trusted friend who’s described as a guardian angel type character and has always been by Kang Chil’s side.

Stephanie’s Note: I thought for sure this was going to be on the top of my favorite show list, but then the last few episodes happened and it ruined everything. I’m still miffed.

Scent of a Woman

A romantic comedy about a non-married, low ranking office worker who is given numbered days to live.
Lee Yeon Jae is given the grim prognosis that she only has a short time left to live, so she decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest.

Stephanie’s Note: Sobfest. Grade A Sobfest.

Second to Last Love

An adult romance about a fortysomething woman finding love and who works as a television producer. She has no interest in romance and just concerns herself with preparing for retirement, but when she moves to a new town, she meets a 46-year-old man who’s widowed and has one child, and a romance begins.

Stephanie’s Note: Haven’t seen it but I’m looking forward to it.

Thank You 

Dr. Min Ki Seo went to Blue Island to fulfill his deceased girlfriend’s last wish to find the single mother and her little girl who was infected by HIV and to apologize to them on her behalf as she had unknowingly given the girl tainted blood when she was being treated at the hospital. Lee Young Shin, the single mom, was having a hard time caring for her grandfather who has Alzeimer’s and keeping her daughter’s HIV condition a secret while teaching her how to live with it. Min Ki Seo was an arrogant person who looked down on people and in meeting Lee Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried to make the best of it despite all odds, he slowly changed for the better and became a warm and caring person.

Stephanie’s Note: A smaller known drama, it is a great watch with interesting social issues. Jang Hyuk made me fall in love with this character so hard. So hard.

Secret Love Affair

“Secret Love Affair” tells the story of secret romance between Oh Hye-Won, a woman in her 40’s, and Lee Sun-Jae, a man in his 20’s. Oh Hye-Won, works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Oh Hye-Won becomes involved in a love affair with Lee Sun-Jae. He is genius like pianist in his 20’s.

Stephanie’s Note: I don’t like cheating storylines, I don’t like noona romances and as this is both, I only made it through a few episodes before abandoning ship.

Twenty Again

38-year-old Ha No Ra dreamt of becoming a dancer in her high school years, but met her husband Kim Woo Chul when she was 19. After having a child, she focused on taking care of her family and had to give up her dreams. In hopes of becoming a proud wife and mother to her college professor husband and her son Min Soo, she strives to enter college and ends up getting accepted into the same college as her son.

Stephanie’s Note: Haven’t seen it.

Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Broadcast journalist Shin Young is 34, and wants to find love, but it’s hard to stay positive when she’s faced with high workplace pressure and a string of failed relationships. Just when it seems like her chances may have passed, she meets a musician ten years her junior, and her former fiance comes back to rekindle the flame. Korean-English translator Da Jung desperately wants to get married within a year. She won’t settle for anything less than the perfect man. Restaurant consultant Bu Ki is done with the marriage game. She broke off her engagement, studied overseas, and is satisfied on her own terms as an efficient, sophisticated woman.

Stephanie’s Note: If I could be best friends with her friend, it would be the coolest thing ever. Also. Adult women making adult choices and a baby Kim Bum.


Air City

Han Do Kyung, specially scouted by the Incheon Airport Director, willingly accepted 1/3 of the pay she was receiving when working in Singapore to come back to Korea as the chief of operations of Incheon Airport. She speaks five different languages. However, Do Kyung lives with an uneven wound of her family and a regret of leaving her sister behind. She met Kim Ji Sung, a National Intelligence Service agent and gets entangle with him. Kim Ji Sung is very passionate about his work to the extend that he is willing to bend the rules to ensure the security of the country even if he is only acting on his instincts…

Stephanie’s Note: Watched it, don’t remember a single thing except being disappointed with the ending. I think for lack of romance? I could be wrong.


Lee Kang Hun, who graduated from the top medical school, works at the top hospital, and is the top neurosurgeon around. He has ambitions to become the director at his university hospital. After an incident that happens with his father when he was young, he has sworn to become the best neurosurgeon in the country that’s why he is obsessed with success, which is probably his greatest strength since it makes him steely and fierce.

This drama revolves around the struggle (mainly psychological) between those characters and where their ambitions will lead them.

Stephanie’s Note:

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

A group of three detectives in their twenties turn into 70-year-olds overnight and with the help of a senior detective try to find their youth again.

Stephanie’s Note: I watched this for Heechul and because of that, I watched a pretty terrible show. It’s possible I may have even skimmed the last few episodes.


City Hall

City Hall is a drama that deals with politics in a romantic comedy genre. It’s about the happenings between a young woman mayor and an elite bureaucrat. Jo Gook is an exceedingly smart government official. He passed the Higher Civil Service quickly, and basically is the perfect guy. But being a deputy mayor is not enough for him. He lives with the dream of becoming South Korea’s President. He should have easily gone straight to the top, but due to an unexpected incident, he gets dispatched as a deputy mayor for a provincial small town, Inju City, where Shin Mi Rae is working. Shin Mi Rae is a low-ranking secretary in Inju, but she works her way up in becoming the youngest City Mayor. As their paths meet, they have to deal with each other’s personal and social differences. But despite their constant bickerings, will they end up in each other’s arms?

Stephanie’s Note: Kim Eun Suk’s is probably one of the best writers of adults being adults. This one is classic her, but toneally it’s a bit of a mixed bag, turning from one show to another, but it’s worth it for that main couple.

Don’t Ask Me  About the Past

Kwak Sun Young gets into a car accident and develops this ability of detecting a man’s past from his body odors. She divorces her husband when she finds out about his long history of girlfriends. Sun Young then sets up a business where she helps women and even the police track down suspicious men and husbands.

Stephanie’s Note: oddball drama which is pretty enjoyable to the last few minutes. If you watch this just skip the epilogue and you’ll be fine.

Falling For Innocence

Min-Ho’s father ran a large company, but his death led to his uncle taking over the company and to Min-Ho’s growing into a cutthroat investor. But then his personality changes when the merciless corporate head hunter undergoes a heart transplant surgery. Thanks to his new heart, Min-Ho begins to have warm feelings and he falls in love with a woman named Soon-Jung.

Stephanie’s Note: only made it partway through this show. I think they spent too much time with the hero and her soon to be dead fiancé. After seeing that cuteness, I just couldn’t root for the hero. 

History of a Salaryman

Part melodrama, part comedy, this series takes its cues from the epic legend “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” with its characters taking on names from the story. One night Yoo Bang enters a dark, mysterious villa with nothing but a flashlight, only to find an executive of the Chunha Medical Group, Ho Hae slouched in a chair, dead and Jin Ho Hae’s niece, Yeo Chi hiding behind a curtain. At Ho Hae’s funeral, Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi are suddenly taken into custody for his murder. We’re taken three months into the past to reveal what led to this murder and exactly who was responsible. During this flashback we meet Choi Hang Woo, a director from Ho Hae’s rival pharmaceutical company, who is undercover to steal the formula for their new drug and the Chief Researcher from Chunha Group, Cha Woo-Hee. The lives of these individuals will all be intertwined within these three months to reveal exactly just who murdered Ho Hae, and why.

Stephanie’s Note: this is another one of those outside the box dramas, one that takes chances with plot, tone, and characters–and it totally pays off. 


Jin Young (Song Yun Ah), a very open-minded and energetic woman, worked for the Seoul Hotel. Her ex-boyfriend Tae Joon (Kim Seung Woo) resigned and had left for Vegas three years earlier due to an unfortunate incident w/ a guest. The owner of the hotel had always believed in Tae Joon even more so than his own son, Young Jae (Park Jung Chul). When he died of a heart attack, his wife realized that Jin Young must go to Vegas to bring Tae Joon back so he could help run the hotel, which was falling into pieces. Their rival, Kim Book Man (Han Jin Hee), was determined to acquire the Seoul Hotel. more…

Stephanie’s Note: an older drama, first time you root for the heroine to get together with the ‘bad guy’.

Life Special Investigation Team

This drama is about an insurance investigation team who investigates foul play and insurance cheats. They are a group of normal employees who decide to take a stand, unearthing the truth hidden beneath the lies and discovering the dark secrets of those in power. Everyone has a secret they want to keep under covers forever, and insurance agents and policy holders are no different.

Stephanie’s Note: ugh. UGH. Pass.

Miss Korea

Set in the year 1997. A cosmetics company is in bad financial shape. To save the company, Hyung Joon and other employees try to make Ji-Young into Miss Korea. Back in their high school days, Ji Young was the most beautiful student. She now works as an elevator girl.

Stephanie’s Note: this is written by the same writer of Pasta, so I had to try it, turns out, while it took me a few episodes to get into it, by the end, I was totally 

On Air

This drama is about the behind the scene in TV drama productions. It also portrays how the whole production team and performers complete a project in a tight schedule as well as how actors, actresses, and entertainment agencies handle rumors surrounding them. Jang Ki Joon used to be a top manager in the business but he went bankrupt as he couldn’t compete with other powerful agencies. He was ‘rescued’ by Oh seung Ah a top star who agreed to join his agency after breaking off with her former one. Lee Kyung Min was a drama PD who got his first chance at being a director. Seo Young Eun is a much sought after script writer who was divorced and has a young son.

Stephanie’s Note: This is an old school drama. The acting style is pretty dated. At first I hated everyone but by the end, I was really rooting for the writer and director, was so happy to see them get together.


Seo Yoo Kyung, endured the grueling job of kitchen assistant at high-class restaurant La Sfera for two years in hopes of being promoted to chef. Things are looking up as she meets a handsome stranger on the street who ends up being the restaurant’s new head chef. His first day on the job, however, he fires all the female cooks, including Yoo Kyung. Yoo Kyung, too stubborn to let go of her dream, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her job back. Yoo Kyung struggles as she butts heads with the new chef while trying to learn everything she can from him at the same time, and sparks begin to fly. Things are complicated by the presence of Kim San, a charming customer with an eye for Yoo Kyung who seems to have mysterious ties to the restaurant, and Oh Sae Young, a famous TV Chef and former love of Hyun Wook, not to mention the kitchen politics that get in the way of their budding romance.

Stephanie’s Note: There’s a reason why this drama has stayed #1 on my favorite drama list.

The King of Dramas

Anthony Kim, a brilliant CEO of a drama production company who will do anything and everything for the sake of money, fame and success. He is known to possess the Midas touch as he has created blockbuster dramas and Hallyu stars. When a death on the set precipitates his fall from grace, Anthony attempts to regain his former status by putting the drama “The Morning of Keijo” on air. And to accomplish that, he needs the help of idealistic Lee Go Eun, who dreams of becoming a top writer someday, and the handsome but egoistic actor Kang Hyun Min.

Stephanie’s Note: Do you love dramas? If the answer is yes, then do yourself a favor and watch this show. You won’t regret it. WWAD?

When it’s At Night

Kim Bum Sang was a university arts instructor who got passed over for promotion due to lack of family connection. He specialized in examining archaeological treasures and all he wanted was to make a name for himself and get ahead in this world. Heo Cho Hwi worked as a supervisor at the Cultural Theft Division in the hope that it would help her find her father who was a treasure hunter-thief and had been missing for 7 years. The story evolves art thefts and how these two clashes in their pursuit.

Stephanie’s Note: It took me a while to get into it, but this story just gets better as it goes along!

Witch’s Romance

Ban Ji Yeon is a single 39 year-old woman. She works as a reporter and is very enthusiastic about her work. So much so that she is often called a “witch” at work. She doesn’t believe in true love, because of her past experience when her boyfriend disappeared prior to their wedding.
Yoon Dong Ha is 25 year-old young man who runs a small errand center with his friend. He looks like a happy guy, but he lost his girlfriend by an accident. Sparks fly when Ji Yeon and Dong Ha meet, and despite the age difference, they find a lot in common with each other, including their scarred hearts.

Stephanie’s Note: While Cherry has the love of this drama, I haven’t been able to get past the first couple of episodes. I’m not a huge fan of the noona romances.

Woman’s With A Suitcase

Cha Geum Joo was once an office manager with a thriving career, but that takes a major hit when she is penalized for violating the Attorneys-at-Law Act and sent to prison for it. The drama follows the success story as she comes back as an ex-con, and follows her dream to become an outstanding lawyer.

Stephanie’s Note: Haven’t seen it, probably won’t.


Can We Love

A drama about love lives and careers of three women, who are in their late thirties, living their lives as divorced woman, a spinster, and a full-time housewife. Jung Wan (Eugene) is bubbly and forthright woman who divorces after ten years of marriage and moves in with her son to her mother’s house. She will get involved with Oh Kyung Soo (Uhm Tae Woong), a bad tempered, self conceited but a skilled film director who has received several awards and Ahn Do Young (Kim Sung Soo), the CEO of a film company. Meanwhile, Jung Wan’s friends; Sun Mi (Kim Yoo Mi) is a happily single “gold miss” and Ji Hyun (Choi Jung Yoon) is a longtime housewife and mother of her teenage daughter and young son

Stephanie’s Note: I have opinions about this show–OH-pinions. It started out really well, but then? Everyone turned TERRIBLE. They are all horrible people and I don’t know how they all stayed friends. I watched for the Director and the divorced mom, they are the best part of this show and I can watch their story over and over again. (And have.)

Kimchi Family

Song Il Gook and Park Jin Hee, reuniting the PD and screenwriter who did Mawang and Resurrection. The story is about the unlikely family that forms among the people who are connected through a neighborhood eatery. Song Il Gook plays a rough and tumble gangster and Park Jin Hee the chef with big dreams who runs a local restaurant that ends up bringing together people in the neighborhood.


Late Night Restaurant

A late night restaurant opens at midnight and closes at 7am. The owner and chef of the restaurant makes whatever his customers ask for.

Stephanie’s Note: Lovely bit of fluffy nothing. They could easily do a second season, and I’d probably watch it too.

My Dear Friends

A realistic, cheerful story about “twilight youths” and the young people who befriend them.


Stephanie’s Note: I do want to see this one.

Unkind Women

The drama is about four women spanning three generations in one household, who share the same hot-blooded temperament.

Stephanie Note: I haven’t seen it but Cherry Cordial had big heart eyes for it.

Angry Mom

When Jo Kang Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting. She gave birth to her daughter Ah Ran in her late teens and became more responsible. Her daughter Ah Ran is now a high school student, but Ah Ran is bullied at school. Jo Kang Ja decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter. Jo Kang Ja becomes a high school student again.

Stephanie’s Note: Haven’t seen it. Having trouble buying the idea of the show.

Harvest Villa

A mysterious suicide occurs in an old villa located in the center of Seoul, soon to be demolished. A huge legacy is left to Bok Gyu, a man who is completely unaware of his inheritance. The appearance of such a large sum of money sets in motion a chain of events involving the residents, who are all connected in a web of deceit motivated by their secret desire to take the money for themselves through any means possible.

Stephanie: Booooooo

I Am Legend

Jun Seol Hee recently divorced after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her high-flying lawyer husband, Cha Ji Wook, and his arrogant family. Determined to get her life back on track, she returns to her rock band roots, becoming the leader of the Comeback Madonna Band. Her bandmates are fellow ‘ahjummas’ who have personal problems of their own, and together they search for happiness and personal fulfillment through music.

Stephanie’s Note: I had issues with this show. It’s all about adult issues, intreging people, no cardboard here! My problems have to do with the plot itself. Or the two plots, the one at the beginning (ahjumma rock band) the one at the end (legal drama) totally clashed with each other.

Saimdang, Light’s Diary 

What deep, dark secrets are hidden in the diary? Seo Ji Yoon is a modern-day art history professor who happens to stumble upon the secret diary of Shin Saimdang (1504-1551), a Korean artist, writer, calligraphist and poet who was the mother of Yi I, one of the two most prominent Korean Confucian scholars during the Joseon Dynasty. The diary sheds new information on the life of Saimdang and her relationship with Lee Gyeom, a painter, calligrapher and musician who was a childhood sweetheart and soulmate of Saimdang. Will the diary help Ji Yoon unravel the mysteries surrounding a painting of an unknown woman from the Joseon Dynasty?

Stephanie’s Note: can’t wait to watch this one!

Suspicious Housekeeper

Park Bok-Nyeo is a housekeeper shrouded in mystery who comes to work for a family — one father, 2 daughters, 2 sons — when their mother dies. Unsmiling and unexpressive, Bok-Nyeo guides the family into healing their wounds and rebuilding bonds.

Stephanie’s Note: I watched the first couple of episodes of this, it was a total crack drama. Been meaning to.


A melodrama about a married man who receives a huge sum of money from a woman to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, which jeopardizes his relationship with his wife.

Stephanie’s Note: Cheaters never win and Stephanie doesn’t like cheaters so I won’t be watching it.

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    Great list, Stephanie! I also liked One More Happy Ending (2016) – cute story, love the actors. And The Good Wife (2016) was SO GOOD. Highly recommend that one. I haven’t seen some of these shows, and I’ll be checking them out now. 🙂

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