B1A4! B1–aaaaa-4!

Posted by Stephanie on February 19, 2017


Remember when I was all Eh, B1A4? Remember when I was all, oh, I don’t think I love them as much as I once did. When I was all, I’m just going to hang out with friends but I’m not super excited about the concert? Remember that? Yeah. That me was stupid. You should never, ever listen to past me. Past me obviously, has no taste. Past me obviously forgot what a good show B1A4 put on. Past me obviously forgot just how adorable these boys are.

Oh past me. So Silly.

After having an (as expected) amazing time with my fellow concert goers, affectionately coined the Kpop Nerd Herd, we were ready for the main event. To see our boys in concert. To be in the same room with them. To literally be touching them. (Yeesh.) We walked from the ladies hotel room where we had rested before the concert (because we are those people) to the venue, Stage 48. There were a few of us who decided, some might say foolishly, to go sans jacket so we wouldn’t have to lug it around with us during the concert. No jackets. In February. Yeeesh.

                                                                           Actual Kpop Trash Viewing Kpop Trash

When we got there, it was organized just as well as any other K-pop concert. Ie. Badly. Where were the p1’s supposed to line up? Answer. Here. The GA’s are on the other side. Who are all these people in our line? GA’s. Um? Are we in the right line? Answer: No. P1 is supposed to line up against the wall. Us: Um. Yeah. But eventually, the wall ends. Where do we go from there? Who has the wristbands? Answer: Some short Korean guy has the bands. Us. Not helpful. Short Korean man with a box: no, I don’t have the bands. Man with bands who eventually comes by: I don’t have enough bands with me. Don’t worry, you’ll get banded before going in.

It was confusing. It was worrying. It was more stressful than it actually needed to be. I still have the urge to reach in and help organize things. Please. Please. Please. I’ll even do it for free. It will only cost you the random band member–but just think–there are usually so many members to kpop bands that one missing boy will hardly be missed.

Funnily enough, we actually met people in line. someone who knew me from Kcon, some girls who recognized me from standing in line together for the last B1A4 concert. How funny is that???

It was a great time actually standing in line with friends this time around for the concert. With the exception of Corrinne. Corrine who kept literally making me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants. Come on Corinne. This is my first high touch, I can’t meet them smelling like pee. I don’t want to be remembered like that.

When we finally got in (with our bands) I realized just how tiny the club was. It was teeny. Teeny-tiny. Which, for us, good. For the band? Considering they hadn’t sold out? Not so good. But I tried to push that out of my brain so that I could fully enjoy the concert. Emma, one of the Kpop Nerd Herd proudly unwrapped her light stick and waved it for all to see. I frantically tried to get my fingers to work before the concert started. How could I take any sort of good photos if my fingers were so frozen they had turned into fish fingers?

The crowd was happy to be there. We were happy to be there. The bars were open and hoping for business (sorry boys, wrong crowd). We were actually pretty close to the stage. (Although with the size of the place, there wasn’t really any place of the from that was far away from the stage.)

Then the lights went down and the crowd went wild. There they were. B1A4 in all their (still) adorable glory. They all wore matching plaid on plaid on plaid suits. Whoever dresses them still obviously loves dressing them like a mom dresses twins. Baro unveiled to us some adorable pink hair. It was pink! It was cute! It made me want it! (My own, not his. That’s creepy.)

They broke out into song and after the break, introduced themselves. Explaining they don’t speak English very well, but to bear with them and have fun anyway. They also asked if we liked their new album. The crowd cheered. I cheered (although I don’t really love their new album.) He said good because they would mostly be performing new material.


Luckily, great news. Just because you don’t want to listen to something on an album, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy it performed live. Cuteness and light performing in front of you can make you like anything.

Well. Except for Sweet Girl. Still, don’t like Sweet Girl.

Baro was ON that night, like capital O, Capital N. I think he took power from the pink hair. If he’s not the leader of the group, then he should be because he’s quite good at it. He took the lead talking to the crowd, engaging the crowd–throwing water on the crowd. From the number of pictures I took of him, I’m pretty comfortable in saying my bias has swapped over from CNU (who from the pictures perhaps wasn’t as pleased to be there as the rest of them) to Baro who just makes a fangirl happy in her heart-heart.

Jinyoung? It was odd to see him after just seeing him on the tv. He’s so pretty and he totally knows it too.

Partway through the concert, the boys asked what was our favorite song of theirs in the past. What we thought their top song was. There were lots of Solo Days, lots of What’s Ups, lots of (insert your favorite B1A4 song here). They said, since this was a very important night, they decided to bring us a time machine. The very expensive time machine which would take us back to the beginning of their career. They spun and laughed their way across the stage and then broke out what turned out to be a medley of their past top hits. They did everything. Luckily (or unluckily) I had started recording at the beginning and then recorded the whole thing because I couldn’t stop.

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed they decided to lump everything together, that they decided to do the highlight reel. I felt a little bit like those really popular bands who are all, I won’t perform my classics, or “Material Girl? I don’t even remember that anymore.” But, as time goes on, I guess I’ve become more accepting of it. It over 15 minutes long and was a fairly good way to get more of their songs in.

And yet I still pout a bit.


As we got to the end of the concert, Baro fell in love with throwing water on the crowd and you know what? It was amazing every single time. Yes Baro, yes, please throw water on us!

But then it came time to end the night. The boys announced their ‘last song’ and left the stage. We were left there to give the obligatory chant for an encore. I dislike this part. However, I’m proud to say I managed to change the direction of the crowd by chanting out B-1-A-4 and then we just chanted that. Pleased I was.

Soon over the loudspeaker, we heard Baro–you’re not going home? You want more? As good fans, we all screamed and shouted with whatever voices we had left and they came out and sang 3 more songs. This is when Baro really got excited about throwing water on us and proudly pulled out a whole crate of water. The crowd went wild. Wild I tell you. (Or maybe that was just me.) We screamed and jumped and egged him on. It was amazing.

They thanked us for being fans. They promised to work harder. They thanked us for coming out and finally we were done. Spent. It was an amazing time that was over way too quickly.

Except it wasn’t over.

We still had the high touch. Yeesh. I was nervous and a little squidged out as I’d never done a real high touch before. I’ve never paid money to touch someone before. There was just that guy who was kicked out of the band because he was talking bad about fans, about how gross he thought high touches were. Oh, noes.

After some more badly organized whatnots we were hustled upstairs to a room where the boys waited, ready to receive us. At this time I got separated my friends and had to go in by myself. I literally got nervous and stepped backward like I was going to leave. I needed a minute. But these boys are busy. They don’t have a minute to spare. First up was Baro and we got a rolling double high five. Turns out I have no cool. No chill. I was all up and awkward in their grill. HI! HI! Hi! HI!HI! Startlingly loud and fake friendly. Yeah. That’s all I had for them. I’m sure they super remember them. The hi-touch hi-ambush.

Again. B1A4 is a good show. Whether Il love their news stuff or not, yeah, I’d go again in a heartbeat. How could you say no to those faces???

Check here for the gallery of my other photos.

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    That looked like so much fun! This is vicariously rekindling my love of B1A4. Did you see that Baro’s hair was blue-green in LA?

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