Joseon! With Zombies!

Posted by Stephanie on March 1, 2017


There a few people out there where, when news of their new project comes up, it’s an automatic “hellz yah I’m absolutely going to watch that!” of course, if you go from there and take it down to the amount of projects I then follow through and do actually watch, the number gets even smaller. Oh me and my lack of follow through. I’m going to go out on a very small limb though and say that the writer of Signal, Kim Eun Hee? She’s definitely on that short-short list.

While I was first sad that they were planning on doing a project in between Signal and the possible Signal 2, especially when I knew it took place during the Joseon period, it was all–pout, pout, pout. But now that I find out it’s Joseon with zombies? Woah. Sign me up. Can this show start tomorrow? Okay, I should stop with the happy dance, the people in the office are beginning to give me weird looks. 

While this show seems like the perfect sort of thing for a summer blockbuster type of show, the 8 episode drama is going to be entirely preproduced and is set to be filmed sometime in September, which means we won’t get it until closer to the end of the year. Why so long? (Can you hear my whine?) However, I pull in my trembling lower lip when I think about it more, summer blockbusters are one thing, but scary movies? Always make me think of Halloween and crisp fall air. (Probably because I have to watch scary movies with my trademark scary movie blanket over my head–it’s an afghan so I can watch through the holes–all very adult.) Taking this into consideration, I’m okay with the wait, even if this means we will then have to wait even longer for the possibility of a Signal 2.

I wonder if it would be too much to ask for Lee Ji Hoon to star in all of her dramas? I could totally see him kicking zombie butts in Joseon garb, but then again, I think I could sit around and watch him in anything. (Says the girl who has yet to start Tomorrow With You–is anyone watching it? Any good? Let me know if I should actually pick it up!)


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    Oh I am sssooo In!!!

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