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Posted by Stephanie on March 1, 2017


It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had a What’s Happening With… but as my bus is now over 10 minutes late, which means I’ll miss my train, which means I’ll miss my other train, something tells me I’m going to have some travel time to really break out those investigative skills.

This person came up during our recent  (epically long) drama casting podcast episode. We both said, “Hey, remember him?”, were both fairly certain he had been working with the exception of that time that he couldn’t, but couldn’t come up with a single project. So we ask, What’s Happening With… Kang Ji Hwan?

My memory of Kang Ji Hwan went something like this… “Hey, what about that guy who was going to be in Faith before it became Faith but had to back out? Oh. And the one I didn’t like, Coffee House.” So helpful. Not to mention the fact that it totally makes him seem like a bad or forgettable actor–which he totally is not. (Luckily Cherry was able to pull Lie To Me out of her back pocket, which was a little more helpful. That Cherry Cordial, so helpful….except for when it comes to telling me to shut up because the podcast is logging in at over 2 hours.)

So. With all that in mind, let’s hope over to the wiki-mobile and take a peek into his life.

Dude. He’s older than me, born in 1977. That’s a nice change.

You know for his role in Runway Cop, he actually put on that weight he had in the beginning and lost it just two weeks later for his character’s transformation? That seems unhealthy.

He started out as a musical theater actor in shows such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grease, this explains a lot about his action choices.

Turns out, he did act in something last year! A show called Monster? Why have I not heard of this? Dang it. I’m in the tunnel and can’t open that page. Dang it! I tried to open the page and can’t get back to his original page. Now we’ll never know what happened to Kang Ji Hwan!

Guess I’ll just have to make stuff up. Do you know he raises bunnies? Big ones. He names then after K-pop bands. He’s not sure what to do with Bunny Ljoe as he’s now making the remaining bunny Teen Top uncomfortable.

Kang Ji Hwan is an avid waffle maker and harvests his own syrup. Do they have maple trees in Korea? Sounds like a question for Wikipedia! He has a fear of…

And I’m back! Turns out Monster is a fairly generic thriller about a guy who gets swindled out of a good name and inheritance and he, I’m guessing, claws his way back. Eh. Pass.

I’m not so much guessing a big part of the slow down of Kang Ji Hwan has to do with his contract disputes with his first one agency and then the other. During the first contract dispute which had to do with him swapping agencies, it was recommended to him that he halt his activities (this is what pulled him from Faith). Then there was bad blood between him and his new agency.

Man can’t catch a break.

So. I guess we learned a valuable lesson about timing this episode both for top stars and for bloggers. I do hope that eventually, he does come back full-force as he is an exceptional actor (being the main reason I stayed with Lie To Me) and deserves to be on top.

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