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Posted by SaraG on March 2, 2017


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Once you become a die-hard Kpop fan and you come to the realization that you live in the middle of the US where zero Kpop shows are ever held, you are forced to make difficult and heartbreaking decisions about which shows you can justify spending almost $1000 to see (between tickets, plane, hotel, food, etc.) and which you are just going to have to let slide. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that you absolutely have no clue who is going to show up stateside over the course of the year. And then they go and show up all within a couple of months of each other and there is no way you can go to any but the first one announced (thank all that is good and pure that BTS was first).

One way that I have chosen to combat these painful and debilitating circumstances is to identify up front and openly to my family a list of three or four groups that I will spend any amount within reason to see (I never defined what within reason means). Of course this works both ways, my husband has a list as well though his is largely not Kpop related. Lucky and somewhat off putting for me, there is actually some overlap on our lists. I say off putting, because GD appears on both lists and I would really rather not be in a room with all of that sexy goodness and my husband at the same time. Sighs.

The other crossover group is someone I would happily rock out to with my husband and my children. We love this quartet of gorgeous and super talented women as a family. I have said it on both the blog and as a guest on the Kchat Jjigae Podcast, I love Mamamoo with all of my heart. I love their powerful vocals, their talented rappers, their versatility, and their humor. They are everything I would want to be if I were four female Kpop idols. They are a girl group for girls.

Mr. Ambiguous was one of the first Kpop videos I showed my family because it is theatrical and silly. It moves between black and white and vivid color. The sound and the styling are super retro with a contemporary twist. There are so many wonderful cameos in the video it’s like a nice little intro to a couple of generations of Korean musical stars (Lee Jong Hyun from CNBlue, Jun Joon Young, K. Will, Wheesung, Rhymer, and Baek Z. Young.) Plus, the girls get pranked a little during the video and you can see them almost puke with nerves. Though I normally hate pranks as a show of humor, their reaction after makes me feel all warm and happy in my belly.

And finger mustaches. They are too adorable.

Mamamoo, Mr. Ambiguous

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