Khottie of the Week: Ma Dong Seok

Posted by Stephanie on March 5, 2017

Khottie of the Week

Good Evening everyone, my name is Stephanie and I will be your purveyor of Khottie this week. Your usual hostess, KpopontheDL had some pressing business she needed to take care of, so she left you in my capable hands. How about we all sit back and and enjoy the k-ride.

For those of you looking for the young and hot. Perhaps this is not your post. Come back next week when KpopontheDL will be dishing out the barely Kchat Legal. 

Nope. This week, when suddenly thrust the task of doing Khottie, I had a ‘what the heck am I going to do moment.’  Or perhaps a who am I going to do moment. Of late, for a project which shall remain nameless, I’ve been focusing my attention on some Zombies. Which brought me, of course, to Train to Busan. Which, while you’d think would bring me to Gong Yoo, it actually brings me to the other hero of the piece, Ma Dong Seok.

You know him. 

You’ve seen him in everything. He was the lovable aggressive teacher/manager in Shut Up Flower Boy Band

He was a Judo coach in Doctor Champ

But for me, he really started to be on my radar with Bad Guys, playing the gangster boss forced to do good by being bad. 

Yep. There was something sexy about that role. 

Then? When I saw him in Train To Busan

I was like, oh, there’s that guy.

His performance though? Ah-mazing. He was so physical.

He loved his wife so much. And their unborn baby. 

And though you think he’s going to be a brainless aggressive thug, he really is the moral compass of the movie. 

How hot is that? 

So, when it came time for me to choose a Khottie. 

I decided, lets whip someone different out of the box. Someone age appropriate. 

Someone who could literally protect you from a train full of zombies. 

Someone who unexpectedly makes you sit back and say..,well hello there. 

Also. Fun fact? He’s American. Like full on American. Who knew? I’m guessing he knew. 

But as I don’t know him? Surprise to me!


  • Reply -S March 5, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Definitely the hero of Train to Busan!

  • Reply Rebekah Roberts March 6, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Nice to see an ahjussi as a k-hottie. AND he really is a hottie. Wow. Love the muscles! lol… I really like this actor, he has a lot of range and always plays “smart.” Not that his character is always intelligent, but that he plays his characters so well, I get the feeling that he is a very intelligent person. Love KpopontheDL, but it’s fun to see different perspectives as well. 😉
    PS… Love the poke at KpopontheDL, “will be dishing out the barely Kchat Legal.” HAHA!! So fun!

  • Reply Christina March 7, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Could not agree more!

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