Musical Monday – Zombies, AHHHHH!!!!!

Posted by SaraG on March 6, 2017


My reason for sharing this week’s Musical Monday selection is twofold. First, it’s a damn fun song and second, zombies.

Grace or Crazy Grace, as she is also known, is a female (obviously) rapper born in New York with a growing popularity in the Korean Hip Hop scene. She was a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar 3 (eliminated in episode 8) and has developed a decent following through her personal Youtube Channel which includes her original stuff as well as some covers. The covers are pretty great…think American songs done in Korean by a straight up rockin’ chick who has a good grasp on her own sense of self. Her voice is clear and strong and she has a kind of rap/talk style that works for me. She is super quirky and fun with a totally over the top fashion and musical sense that, though admittedly I can’t listen to all of the time, plays extremely well when I’m in the right mood.

The song Zombie High was released on the one year anniversary of her debut in early February. So yeah, while I am a little late on the new releases front, I am justifying it by saying that this song has come to mind every single week as a potential Musical Monday but was tabled for various and sundry reasons. Grace released two versions of the video, both of which I am including in this post. These are not high budget videos, there are no great sets or expensive, flashy props. You don’t always need those things when you’ve got a good song and a strong set of pipes. But when you’re singing about zombies, it can help. The first version, and my favorite version, opens with a thank you from the artist directly to her fans and a sincere show of gratitude at the number of people that have shown her support over the last year. The video is a montage of fanart drawn to commemorate her quirky, living-dead song and style. The second version of the video was released only a week ago (totally new release legit) and features Grace and some backup dancers looking mildly uncomfortable in the middle of a road. At night. Dancing.

I would also be uncomfortable.

I also wanted to share this song and its two videos because Stephanie shared a Khottie zombie post and I was, shall we say, galvanized. I listen to this song fairly frequently to be inspired and I felt selfish keeping it to myself (well, myself and KpopontheDL with whom I have had several conversations about this song). The song and the art feed me in the development of projects to be revealed in the not too distant future and I think Grace deserves some credit for helping me along.

Grace, Zombie High Fan Art Video

Grace, Zombie High

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