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Posted by Stephanie on March 7, 2017

Casting News

New drama alert! Or, even better, adult drama for adults coming up! You know how much I heart these. Mystery Queen is about how a married lady with a love of detective novels, helps a gruff, world-weary detective solve a crime. Hello there, don’t you sound like something I’ve seen in a Hallmark movie?

Now, there is nothing I like more than watching an age-appropriate drama. Plus, since seeing her in Protect the Boss, I’ve really liked Choi Kang Hee (despite the fact that I decided to take a pass on all her subsequent dramas) and I can see her really doing a great job with this sort of character. Kwon Sang Woo, well, he’s pretty. I don’t really see him as being the best actor out there, but I think that perhaps in a drama such as this, that’s completely acceptable.

The one thing that does stick to me is the fact that she is married. This means no romance. Or. I hope there’s no romance as I’m really not a big fan of the cheater-cheater-cheaters dramas. This could become like an odd couple, buddy-buddy drama, which is fine.  But, I can’t get over the gut instinct of kdrama and romances going hand in hand. Oh! What if he’s terrible at relationships, has a woman he likes but keeps bumbling it all the time and she, after they get over their initial animosity and become grudging allies and then besties, gives him all the wooing tips he needs to get the girl in the end? I’d be cool with that. Or, possibly it could just have a set of frisky side characters?

Plus there’s the fact that a lot of the dramas I’m watching lately actually have no romance or relationships at all—so I don’t know what I’m complaining about.

As this does completely sound like a Hallmark movie I’ve seen, and I’m the sap who likes stories like this, I like feisty moms, and stories light on the makjang, I’m going to put this one solidly on the maybe list.


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    Whoa. He is easy on the eyes.

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