Musical Monday – What a Thing to Wake Up To

Posted by SaraG on March 13, 2017


Ever meet a group that you just couldn’t pick a bias from? I have. I met that group years ago and I am still completely unable to choose which one I consistently lean toward. They are all extremely talented in both their music and dancing, they are equally matched in the looks department, and they have an earned a reputation for taking whatever comes at them head on – be it unfair working conditions or the mental health of their members.

Following the release of B.A.P.’s 2016 album Noir, TS Entertainment announced that the group’s leader, Bang Yong Guk would not be participating in promotions because of a recent diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. While the five other members did the normal promotions circuit, Bang took time to heal while working with medical professionals. The fact that this was announced and that he was allowed the space to receive treatment is a testament to how strong these young men are and how popular they must be to come back so quickly with such a poignant song and video.

The MV features a variety of diverse individuals struggling with various behavioral health issues or illnesses, Bang among them. They are all struggling, isolated in their own environments for the bulk of the video. And then, you see one man screaming to be noticed. The tone of the video shifts as one after one, the individuals meet and ‘wake up’ to each other’s struggles. What started as a depiction of mental illness becomes an anthem of hope. It’s quite beautifully done. Not to mention that the whole thing is shot magnificently and the members look stunning. All of them. As always (they were even gorgeous in Skydive and I did not like that video at all).

And let’s just give a nod to how absolutely grown up and sexy all of the members seem as compared to other groups of the same exact age. Zelo is a baby. Like seriously. He graduated high school this year. And yet, I want to curl up and sleep in his pocket. I want to touch the beauty mark on Jongup’s nose with my index finger. Daehyun with the gold and silver paint on his face and neck is paralyzing.  Himchan’s hair is ….Youngjae…..Oh how I wished I had the money to go and see them this year. Stupid prioritizing expensive concerts that require flights and hotels. Though I believe they focus a lot on their international fans because of the issues they have had with their management company in the past so I think they’ll be back again. Kcon???

I have included both the MV and the dance practice video in this post, but I also recommend catching some of the comeback performances. They don’t disappoint.

B.A.P., Wake Me Up

B.A.P., Wake Me Up (Dance)


  • Reply Red is a Neutral March 13, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    They came to Atlanta last year and I commented on this blog that I wasn’t going to go. But earlier this year, I decided to go to the next Kpop concert that came to town, and it happened to be B.A.P. So I’ve immersing myself in their back catalog and reading up on them.

    I’m really liking Wake Me Up, even without knowing Bang Yongguk’s panic disorder.

    The guys all look good. Not a fan of Himchan’s hair when it’s combed straight down, but when it’s brushed up and he’s in that suit with that choker…mmm mmm mmmm.

  • Reply -S March 14, 2017 at 1:05 am

    I saw them in Australia last year and they were amazing!
    I love the new song as well, and glad to see Yongguk back, although I hope he wasn’t pushed too much by TS to comeback before he was ready to. They are certainly one of my favourite groups!

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