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Posted by SaraG on March 16, 2017


I’m just gonna put there it out there for those of you who may be somewhat confused – there is some amazing music in the world. Like really amazing. Maybe what I consider to be up there high on the list of instant classics isn’t something you dig, but since I’ve been contributing to this blog for almost six months now I’m guessing you’ve started to get an idea about what I appreciate. It will come to no surprise then, that this artist and this song are way up there for me.

TK’ first claim to fame is as a producer on Deepflow’s hip hop label VCM. If you listen to Korean hip hop, you’ve heard his work. He released his own  album, Tourist, in April 2016. There are a million featured artists on the work from a number of different labels. Many of these voices you will recognize as somewhat mainstream or folks I have talked about on Kchat…including but not limited to Don Mills, Owen Ovadoz, Samuel Seo, Loco, Wutan, and on the song I am sharing with you today, Babylon and Nucksal. TK himself can be heard on only two of the songs on the whole 13 track album.

TK made his start in the music industry as an aspiring ballad singer/songwriter. He was studying orchestration when he first met Deepflow and didn’t listen to nor had he produced any hip hop to that point. Deepflow writes in the intro to the album that early on in their relationship, he told TK  that though he wrote good beats, they didn’t have a hip hop sound. He believes the unintended insult  hurt TK’s  ego, causing the historically model student to throw himself into the hip hop scene full on to more closely study what it was, that special element, missing from his music. I believe his work in more than one type of music and his flat out effort with hip hop has made him one of the best producers in his chosen field. I submit to you the song Pathfinder as evidence of this claim. The whole album is stunning, but this song, for some reason, really speaks to me.

There isn’t a video for this particular song, but here is a live version that some in my household claim sounds even cooler than the album version….because it’s more real.

TK, Pathfinder (Ft. Babylon and Nucksal)

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