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Posted by SaraG on March 27, 2017



As you may recall, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet (work with me on this one), this was BTS week. From Thursday through Sunday I was up and moving from 7:30am until 2:30am walking, eating, drinking, talking, laughing, screaming, singing, and all of the other things that come with a group of like minded women getting together to enjoy a much loved, shared interest/passion. It was amazing. I’m SURE you will hear all about it from Stephanie in the not too distant future, but I just want to put it out there that I met some of the most amazing women this weekend, without any of whom this trip wouldn’t have been so perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for being cool, making me laugh, understanding (and sharing) my love of a darling boy with the initials JH, and for being kindred spirits.

Because this weekend was so jammed packed, I didn’t get to spend a ton of time trolling new releases. In fact, most of my trolling happened on my phone as I walked the dog on Sunday night after getting back to Denver from that fancy destination vacation in Newark, NJ. That being said, few videos have been watched. I really, really liked some of what I’ve seen, but I haven’t given them enough attention to fall in love or compile any articulate and insightful thoughts. I’m under the impression that you all expect me to be insightful (no one has actually said this, but no one has said otherwise, so I’m assuming this is accurate), so I’m going to write a little about a group that I do have a deep understanding of and connection with.

Boys Generally Asian (BgA) is, without a doubt, one of the biggest groups to debut in 2016 – at least the biggest with a song about having to poop. Now, I know they aren’t really a Kpop group. I know that they are a parody. But sometimes the parody is so good that it becomes real. This group was started by and includes Youtuber Ryan Higa (R.O.P) and also consists of Philip Wang (P-Dragon), Justin Chon (J-Lite), David Choi (Daeyang), and Jun Sung Ahn (Jeungri) as macknae. They describe themselves as “guys who can’t sing, dance or really speak Korean and try to start a K-Pop band.”

BgA released their second song, Who’s It Gonna Be, on Friday to much success. Within two hours of its release, the song made it to #1 on the iTunes Kpop chart. A parody about Kpop by a bunch of Americans made it to #1. There’s something here, right? I’m not the only one that thinks so…clearly. Leading up to the release, the members had countdown photos and individual member concept photos released through Instagram as well as a comedic video to explore what it would be like to date a Kpop Idol, My Kpop Boyfriend,  featuring Jeungri as the boyfriend. The MV, in true Kpop fashion, tells the story of the members using a common ‘group infighting scandal’ trope, lovely fashion, and choreography. The video was also used to share with us the new fandom name (KPoopers), the colors (Gold and Silver), and their lightstick design (obviously, poop on a stick). Most of the production is done by the folks at Wong Fu Productions. They are extremely talented.

It’s all super deep. Only, you know, not deep all, and really fun. I love them all so much. And man, David Choi can sing. I love his voice.

BgA, Who’s It Gonna Be

As an bonus, I’m also including the link to members of Topp Dogg reacting to BgA’s debut song Dong Saya Dae. They are so kind and generous in their assessment. I love that some of them had already seen the video and that they thought it was super catchy and high quality despite it being so ridiculous. I also love their acceptance of poop as a normal thing. There is this whole cultural difference around people’s feeling on poop between the U.S. and Korea. Ask me about it sometime…I find it fascinating.

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  • Reply Spice Angel March 27, 2017 at 9:23 am

    I am sitting in a hotel lobby trying to not laugh out loud watching this video! So very funny.

    I just realized the maknae is Jun Curry Ahn. Did not even cross my mind until he pulled out the violin. Nicely played….

    The video they did about not having a Kpop idol for a boyfriend was funny also.

    Thanks for the share… so glad you all had a super fantastic weekend in Newark. I am already in Chicago getting ready for Wednesday!!

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