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Posted by SaraG on April 3, 2017



Just a few short weeks ago I was having a conversation, as I am want to do, with one of my fine text-a-friends about how saturated we feel with the number of quality Kpop artists out there to fall in love with. The conclusion drawn was that our little brains could not possibly handle a single more bias nor any new faces to learn or names to memorize. And then said friend (ahem – KpopontheDL) sent me a new video that she just knew I would enjoy and our resolve crumbled from there. Turns out, love is definitely infinite and I always manage to find more capacity to shower it onto new little baby idols.

Or un-debuted trainees.

The video in question came out as part of W Project, Woollim Entertainment’s music channel for trainees to release music prior to making an official debut. Sound familiar? So far it feels like a less icky version of NCT, which S.M. Entertainment markets as a single boy group with unlimited numbers of new talent with other competitive and somewhat dehumanizing elements (don’t get me wrong at all…I LOVE NCT, almost all of their songs and the idols it includes) and more like a way for them to test market certain trainees prior to their debut and make some cash. They have some very talented trainees. Very.

I am sharing just two of the less than a handful of videos released so far (the project started in January 2017) with you because these are the two that threw me into a tizzy and I firmly believe it will do the same to you. A tizzy should not be experienced alone and I want you to join me.

The first video on our menu includes the pairing Jang Joon (장준) and Young Taek (영택 ). They are both highly talented vocalists and rappers that released a single on February 13 called  Drought. I probably account for at least 1,000 of the quarter of a million views the video has garnered on Youtube…and that doesn’t count the live versions I’ve also watched. They are flawless. Super talented, super attractive, and have excellent hair. They are both my bias. I want to consume every project these two put out…together or separately.

W PROJECT 장준, 영택 “가뭄 (Feat. BéE)”

The second video, released on March 30, is not an MV, it is a performance video featuring three dancers, Dae Yeol (대열), Jae Seok (재석), and Dong Hyun (동현), who will either one day feature as the best flipping dance line in the history of dance lines or be the dance leaders for three extremely lucky boy groups. This is a dance video, no lyrics. This is not something you throw on in the background (though the backing track is awesome) because you will spend the entire time just watching them move and not doing the thing you said that you were going to do. I tried. It didn’t work out. This post took a LOT longer to write than it should have.

They have very long legs. The styling is on point. The spot at 1’31”. You are welcome.

W PROJECT 대열, 재석, 동현 Performance Video

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