Bad Guys Keeps Stringing Us Along

Posted by Stephanie on April 11, 2017

Casting News

You know…as bad guys do.

Turns out Bad Guys is totally a thing. No longer a rumor, but an actual show with a new title and everything. It is such exciting news that when I read the news on break at work, I literally whoo-ed. Out loud.  And my work is not a place you woohoo. I’m pretty sure it’s in the employee handbook.

So, we should be excited. Right? Well…

Except here’s the thing. They have the new show. They have the new name. They have an air date. What they don’t have is a confirmed cast. Or. Even worse? They do have a confirmed cast and they aren’t spilling the news, which can only mean one thing–not the original cast.

I’m not crazy in thinking this way, am I? Wouldn’t if the original cast had signed on they would be shouting that out? Wouldn’t they be giving out their own wahooo? That is part of the lure of the second season, right? (Or, if you’re me, the entire lure.) For them to get this far in and still be mum…

Theory one. They are trying to bait and switch the audience. Get us excited about the idea of the show and either hope we won’t notice the lack of returning cast or, at that point, won’t care. (I assure you producers neither of these are the case.)

Theory two. They are still trying to negotiate the cast. Either get them excited for the project by drumming up information on the new season, show some slick new promos/graphics or, show them even more possibly that they can just as easily do this show without them. (Which they could, but would it be as good?)

Theory three. Partial cast comeback. Which, would be the likeliest solution.Park Hye Jin is just about to come out with another show, Man To Man, plus isn’t he doing the film adaptation to Cheese In The Trap? Long story short, busy, busy man. Is he going to want to go right into this shoe that is so taxing? I can see them getting one or two of the cast and then supplementing with new ones. While I’ll get cranky about it, the storyline is such that it would allow for such a change up. However, if it’s only that girl that comes back I’m officially calling a foul, I will forever take back all of the wahs and every single one of the whoos.

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