So Long Joo Won?

Posted by Stephanie on April 12, 2017


It’s official, 2017 is going to be a hell of a year for losing biases to the military. First, it was Junsu and T.O.P, then it was Seo In Guk, (although the military was fast to spit him back out at us), Lee Min Ho is rumored to be going this year and now? Now it’s Joo Won.

Joo Won will always have a place in my heart for being my formerly anti-Kdrama fan roomate Kate’s original bias (once she caved to the inevitable addition that is Kdrama). So, I look at him and get second hand warm and fuzzies. I’m sad to now have to tell Kate that it looks like he’s going to be headed off next month for his 2 year stint.

Sorry buddy.

With the likes of everyone who is now locked in there, at least he’ll be with good company. Although, now that I think about it, isn’t it supposed to be very soon that Eunhyuk and Donghae are released? And in a few months Siwon? Sidenote, McFeeleys told me they recommended the latest Running Man as it had a member of Super Junior — I was all — don’t care all of my favorites are gone. Turns out they were watching an older episode.

Back to Joo Won. He’s not always one who is top of my radar list, so now that I think about it, it makes sense that his announcement was coming. He is of that certain age. The few biases who are old enough that you’re not completely a big pervy mess for keeping them as your wallpaper or lock screen.

The one surprising element to this is the fact that he actually has a show coming out next month— the Joseon adaptation of My Sassy Girl. As this show is completely pre-produced he doesn’t have to worry about live shoots, he can duck and run to the military before it airs. Thinking about it, this is probably the best possible solution. He’ll be off doing his military service with a show in the bag so rather than missing him for 20 months, we’ll only have to miss him for 18.

In the lifespan of the fandom those two months can be a blessing.

Only a few stars out there have managed to do this, the ones off the top of my head being Lee Min Ki who had a movie come out when he was away and Jaejoong who had actually squirreled away some music to have a release while in the military. Am I right in thinking that all stars should think this far ahead? Part of the reason they put off going to the military is the fact that it messes with the momentum of their career. Perhaps preshooting some projects would help with that.

We don’thave a specific day that he’s going to go off, it will either be announced or he’ll try to sneak off and do it alone without fanfare like others have done. If I had to guess though? I’m going to go with him putting out an announcement, he doesn’t strike me as the sneak off sort.

Either way… Good Luck Joo Won! I’m sure Kate will still be eagerly waiting when you get out.

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    Gonna miss this man.

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