Fun Friday: Bias Madness!

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2017

Fun Friday

Friends say the darndest things. Leila (KpopontheDL) said “Hey! I have a fun game and if you really are my friend then you’ll play!” (Okay, I may be taking creative license here but she’s off on holiday in Paris and can’t fight back so…neiner neiner.) Now that it’s over I have to say it was a really fun time and I loved interacting with my friends, seeing how creative…and pervy they were. In this post I thought I’d share the game and my answers.

How the game works:
Each day, players will receive a scenario and two numbers that correspond to the bias names on your numbered bias list.
Underneath the scenario for the day, in the comments, respond with a picture of both biases, their names, and your reasoning for your choices.
We are working our way down to a final bias so the winner of each scenario will go on to play again. The loser is lost forever!

So here’s my list:

1) Junsu
2) Rap Mon
3) Hoseok
4) Yoongi
5) TOP
6) Kim Ji Hoon
7) Chanyeol
8) Kim Young Kwan
9) Bang Yong Guk
10) Lee Seung Gi
11) Yoon Shi Yoon
12) Jung Woo Sung
13) Lee Je Hoon
14) DO
15) Woo Bin
16) Lee Min Ho

You guys ready?! We’ll start with an easy one…

Bias Madness Day 1 – Bias 4 and Bias 9

You’ve finally taken your long awaited trip to S. Korea. Unfortunately, while you were there the unbelievable happened. You got caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse! You have managed to survive for a month on your own. While out on a supply run on your motorcycle, you see Bias X and Bias Y running from a large horde. You have to get away quickly, but you have room to take one of them on your motorcycle. Remember your #1 mission is SURVIVAL. (Your #2 mission is to help repopulate the earth.)

Bang Yong Guk Vs Min Yoongi

Goodness. I put wayyyyy tooo much thought into this. I never, ever thought I’d be put in this position. Min Yoongi Vs Bang Yong Guk. All day, since it was announced, my head said BANG! My heart said Yoongi. Yoongi YOONGI! How could I ever choose Bang over him? But my survival instinct is strong and it is true and it says Bang Yong Guk is the one who is going to be a helper, to be a full partner in some good old fashioned zombie killin’. I love you Yoongi, but you’d snap like a little twig, at the first zombie attack… and our first attempt to repopulate the earth. Just saying. Plus, you know, Bang’s voice.


Bias Madness Day 2 – Bias 6 and Bias 14

This scenario uses U-Kiss’s “Quit Playing” as the inspiration. So…you’ve had an amazing night partying with Bias X and Bias Y…and a few weeks later you find out you’re pregnant. Crap! Who is your baby daddy? Thankfully, both seems to be responsible and supportive, and want to try and make a family work if you do. The catch, the one who is not the daddy, is so disappointed that he walks away forever.

Chanyeol VS Kim Ji Hoon

I’m sorry, was there a question here? Somehow, I don’t think there is…


Bias Madness Day 3 – Bias 2 and Bias 5

You and Bias X have been dating for four months and have just agreed to be exclusive/boyfriend/girlfriend. You’ve known him as a friend for a couple of years and the relationship naturally transitioned into something more. Just after you agree to this new phase in your relationship, you head off the spend the weekend with a group of old friends, some you have known since you were in high school. You arrive at the rented beach house to find that, unknown to you, your high school sweetheart, Bias Y, is there. You haven’t seen them since you broke up at the end of high school when you both agreed that having a long distance relationship wasn’t ideal and neither of you were ready to commit. Seeing Bias Y brings back all the memories of your first love, first kiss, first… You have an amazing weekend together, talking about old times and your current lives and dreams for the future. You’re amazed to find that Bias Y is not only still single but has wondered about you over the years. At the end of the weekend they asks if you want to see each other again. Do you grab a second chance with your first love, Bias Y, or was this weekend about letting go of the past so you can have a future with Bias X?


Namjoon VS T.O.P

Gah. Almost went to bed without posting!!! When my boys came up, I was like nooooooo…. but then I realized it was an easy choice. T.O.P, you may have been a quirky and exciting first love, but what Namjoon and I have is solid and right for my future. Plus, I could never live with a man who loved his couch more than me…


Bias Madness Day 4 – Bias 11 and Bias 13

You and your biases are exploring an old manor house together in England, and in one of the bedrooms you notice a huge old wardrobe. Laughing, you joke about Narnia and open the door. And there it is… between the old clothes, you see a light post and a little snow. You read the books and saw the movies and know how this goes: You can step through the wardrobe and spend the next 60 years in Narnia. There will be magic and monsters, adventure and danger. To survive, and not get eaten by something, or turned into a slave by the White Witch, you’ll need to be cunning, skilled, and brave. You and your Biases will get to live as royalty in a magical fantasy land, depending on each other. You want to go. You turn to your biases, hold out your hands, and say “Let’s go!” Bias X gets a concerned look on their face and backs away shaking their head, but Bias Y smiles and grabs your hand and steps into the wardrobe with you. Who goes with you to Narnia and who do you leave behind?


Yoon Shi Yoon vs. Lee Je Hoon
Lee Je Hoon has already been a time traveler, so what’s a couple of dimensions to him? He’s smart, cunning, adorable. He’ll help me…and the Kingdom on its toes, which is exactly what’s needed to keep us alive and happy. Yoon Shi Yoon, he may act all tough and alpha, but, in real life is a bit of a b-lead…and that’s just not enough to keep us alive in Narnia.


Bias Madness Day 5 – Bias 1 and Bias 15

You are an international spy given an assignment to uncover corruption in the South Korean Government. Things have gone horribly awry during your mission but you have managed to escape, bloody and wounded, into the underbelly of Seoul. Bias X and Y, are out drinking for the night and find you hiding in an alley. You beg them to take you somewhere safe. They spend the next couple of weeks nursing you back to health. As you heal, you grow more and more attached to both of them in a way you have never let yourself get with anyone before. After time, Bias X, not knowing your true mission, believes that the safest thing for you would be to turn you into the South Korean Government. You beg him not to, but he firmly believes that it would keep you safe. Bias Y is willing to help you keep hiding, and to go with you as your lover and your cover, but you have to go fast before Bias X, believing he is saving you, makes a move. You escape with Bias Y, giving up the spy life, but are never able to see Bias X or re-enter Korea again.

Junsu VS Woo Bin

Oh no.
Oh nooooo
I officially hate you guys.
Junsu in all his fluffy snuggly bunny-ness, just wants to help. He, in all his wide-eyed innocence, can only consider a world where going to the government, getting help is the best possible solution. It’s that wide-eyed innocent that is going to get you captured and killed. So, unfortunately, I need a partner who is crafty, conniving, and willing to bend or break the rules. Though it breaks my heart to let him go, Woo Bin and I will slip away and leave him to live a life without us, hurt for a while but ultimately happy and safe.


Bias Madness Day 6 – Bias 3 and Bias 16

Oh no! That horrible Great Aunt who always made you eat cold turnips and old candies has finally died. Good news, all that good behavior and all those visits to her house paid off, because the cranky, but wealthy, old woman left everything to you in her will. Everything! But, with taxes being what they are, you can only afford keep one of your Great Aunt’s two employees (both here on a H1 work visas); either Bias X, the chauffeur, or Bias Y, the chef. You’ve already grown close to both of them during your many visits. Thinking about the time you made a birthday cake for your Aunt with Y, and the flour went everywhere and you spent hours cleaning up and laughing, makes your heart flutter. And Bias X would take you out for drives to escape your Great Aunt’s tyranny – sometimes to beautiful hidden away places, and sometimes just for ice cream, his treat. You hate the thought of sending one away, but you definitely have a special connection to one and have to set the other free. Who will stay on to help take care of the estate with you, and very likely become more, while the other is ruthlessly deported, never to be seen again?


Lee Min Ho VS Hoseok

Though, my heart longs for Lee Min Ho, the times we had together traveling the countryside, the times we could have had in the backseat, I know I will never ever f9rgive myself if I allow Hoseok to be ruthlessly deported. He kept my spirits high during some terrible times and to think of him, cold, Alone, in a hostile environment, it’s just not right. So, though I’m dooming myself to a sexless existence, happy with my bff, it is the right decision


Bias Madness Day 7 – Bias 10 and Bias 12

You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. You and Bias X are in an empty conference room on the 15th floor of his management agency in Seoul. He has finally, finally confessed his love for you and pulled you in for a perfectly satisfying first kiss. However, Bias Y, your best friend and, up to this point, platonic soulmate, overhears the confession and storms into the room to confesses his own love for you. As you stand there, staring between them confused and undecided, an earthquake rocks the city. The building you are in sways and cracks. Windows start breaking and the ceiling starts to come down around you. The three of you run for safety. On your way down the many flights of stairs, there is an aftershock and huge pieces of building begin to crumble and fall. One bias chooses to sacrifice himself to save you, leaving you to live a happy life with the other, but with the knowledge and memory of a great love that never was. Who sacrifices himself and who do you end up with?


Jung Woo Sung VS Lee Seung Gi

My heart raced as Jung Woo Sung confessed to me–it was everything I could have dreamed of! I couldn’t believe it when Lee Seung Gi burst in, confessing. WhIle I will forever miss my best friend and part of me will always feel guilty, that he died for me, I’m great full to him and be blissfully happy with Jung Woo Sung. Perhaps we’ll name our first son Seung Gi in honor of him.


Bias Madness – Day 8: Bias 7 & Bias 8

Bias X and bias Y are best friends. You meet them both while attending university. You end up falling in love with Bias X and remain friends with Bias Y. However war breaks out and both of them have to go off to the battlefield. When the war is over, Bias Y comes back and tells you that your beloved didn’t make it. You and Bias Y help each other through the mourning process and you end up falling in love. However, one night you are shocked to discover Bias X, alive and well, standing outside your door. Turns out he had only been captured by the enemy, not killed, and he escaped. Bias X realizes that you and Bias Y are now together and leaves feeling betrayed. Do you run after Bias X who you first fell in love with and ask for him to forgive you, or do you stay with Bias Y who helped you through your mourning period when you thought Bias X was dead?

Chanyeol VS Kim Yong Kwan

The years we thought Chanyeol was dead, were incredibly hard and heartbreaking, but as time passed Kim Young Kwan and I couldn’t help but fall in love…we told ourselves Chanyeol would have been happy for us. Though we hated being the cause for hurting him, and ecstatic at him being alive, we have to let him go. We hope in the long run he’ll come to accept or at least understand


END ROUND ONE!!!! Regroup for Round 2

1) Rap Mon
2) Hoseok
3) Kim Ji Hoon
4) Kim Yong Kwan
5) Bang Yong Guk
6) Jung Woo Sung
7) Lee Je Hoon
8)Woo Bin

Bias Madness Day 9 – Bias 2 and Bias 8

You’ve been living in Korea and working in the idol industry as a coordi-noona and have met two very special people. Things are going well but you haven’t yet decided which one you plan to keep – everyone’s schedules are so busy and they belong to their fans. One morning you wake up and decide that you don’t want to live this way anymore and want to do some good with your life. You quit your job and sign up for the Peace Corp. They’re sending you to the wilds of Africa to dig wells and help build schools. You tell your two sweeties and they both look shocked and sad, but they’ve worked hard for their careers and can’t go with you. However, the day you arrive at the airport to leave for Africa, X is waiting for you with their bags packed and a sun hat on. “I talked with the company and I’m going with you!” Which idol puts their career on hold to go with you and which decides their career is more important?

Hoseok vs Kim Woo Bin

Unfortunately, while he loves me, Hoseok has more than just himself to think about. BTS are his brothers, his family and he just can’t let go of that responsibility. Woo Bin on the other hand is an actor, a free agent, his career isn’t as dependent on time. So, it was no surprise when it was Woo Bin who knocked on my door that fateful day. Hobi understands and wishes us well. As he’s half in love with one of his band mates anyway, he realizes staying with me while he figures his feelings out would be unfair.


Bias Madness Day 10 – Bias 3 and Bias 5:

One day while doing laundry with a friend, they jokingly say “Hey, I bet you can’t fit in there.” Never one to back down from a challenge, you clamor inside the washing machine. As the door closes, the whole inside lights up, swirls, and rumbles around you. The floor gives out and you find yourself tumbling out of a traditional kimchi jar at the tail-end of the Joseon era in Korea. The kimchi jar you’ve rolled out of is in the household of a Bias X, a wealthy merchant, who is shocked at your appearance, but after your explanation is willing to believe you and keep you fed and sheltered you until you can find your way home. He is charming and kind (and that smile!) and you think you could get used to life with this host if you are forced to stay. Bias Y is a member of the merchant’s household who regularly helps you out with chores and who has become your favorite market shopping partner. You are just starting to get used to the pace and charms of life in the olden times – especially with these two men – when the village suffers a dysentery outbreak and there are a lot of casualties. You realized it’s too dangerous in this time and you must go back to your modern time as soon as possible. Luckily, not long after, you hear the voice of your modern-day friend calling you from that old familiar kimchi jar. That’s it! You’ve found the way back! But you pause, thinking about leaving these two amazing people behind to their fate. You think you can probably fit one other person in that jar with you, though it may be a tight squeeze. Who will you bring back to modern medicine, technology, and indoor plumbing?

Kim Ji Hoon VS Bang Yong Guk

I totally see Kim Ji Hoon as the wealthy merchant neither here nor then can I imagine a world where Bang Yong Guk is the higher blood of the two. Which puts me in a pickle. No matter how much I love Kim Ji Hoon? He is of the higher class, which means his chance for happiness and a longer life are infinitely higher than Bangs. So, for humanities sake? I have to choose Bang Yong Guk.


Bias Madness Day 11 – Bias 7 and Bias 1

You have a strong sense of adventure and a keen wanderlust that just can’t be sated. In an attempt to see the world and learn some practical seafaring skills, you chopped off your glorious long locks, threw on a pair of britches, and joined the crew of a nefarious pirate ship. Bias X, the surly but sexy captain, of course discovers your secret and lords it over you in order to get you to do the dirty work of cleaning his cabin and treating his wounds (Not that you mind, really. Did I mention that he was sexy?). Bias Y, the ship’s first mate and all-around stand-up pirate, has also discovered your secret but kept it to himself, choosing to protect you from the sidelines. On a dark and stormy night, the ship is attacked by another pirate crew out for revenge. Bias X, locks you away in his cabin in an attempt to keep you safe, pissing you off. You argue that your place is fighting by his side, but he reveals that he is madly in love with you and wants you completely out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, as he is off swashbuckling on the deck, one of the enemy pirates breaks into the cabin, and you are only armed with a small dagger. Bias Y appears, as if from nowhere, to battle your foe. He wins, killing the other pirate after a grueling battle. But he is wounded and lying in your arms, confessing his feelings for you, when the captain returns to the cabin. Your captain is instantly jealous at what looks like an intimate scene between you and his firstmate. He banishes the mate from the ship and you are given the choice of either staying with him as his lover on the high seas or leaving with the kind, gentle soul who would cherish you forever.

Kim Ji Hoon VS Kim Namjoon

 First thought? I hate you guys for forcing me to pit these guys up together but….looking at the options, obviously Kim Je Hoon? Aggressive pirate king. Namjoon? Eager friend. Which makes this situation much easier… I could never stay with someone who didn’t trust me, who would send someone, my friend out to die, so I’m off. Sigh…I’ve always been a b-lead sort of girl anyway.

Bias Madness Day 12 – Bias 4 and Bias 6

Gasp You have been kidnapped by a gang and are being held hostage. Over the time you are held captive, you learn that Bias X, the leader of the gang, is, in reality, not only smokin’ hot, but also an intelligent, kind, and caring man. You develop mutual admiration, chemistry, and the potential for something more with him. As someone with a little life experience you know that though he is a good person, he will likely never be the sort of man you can safely have by your side forever. Bias Y is a cop you have been close to since childhood with whom you have shared unexplored deeper feelings. You know you love him, but you don’t know how much or just how much he is in love with you. Your family adores him, your friends have always pushed you together, and he would be the perfect partner to settle down with for life.

The Seoul PD does not negotiate with kidnappers, but Bias Y is desperate to get you back. He stages a rescue mission, guns blazing and ends up face-to-face with the gang leader, Bias X. They shoot at the same time, and though both are hit, only one survives. Thanks to the bullet proof vest worn by all police officers, Bias Y is able to bring you home to your parents and, finally, confess his unwavering feelings for you. Your heart clenches at what could have been, but being with Bias Y is exactly where you were meant to be.

Kim Yong Kwan VS Jung Woo Sung

Guys! Guys. I literally can’t choose on this one. I guess I have to go with Kim young Kwan a gang leader who inherited it from his father and Jung woo sung as the police officer who’s good enough, crafty enough, and loves me enough to bust me out. But I will cry buckets as the misunderstood and dies in my arms.


Now we have the final four!

1) Rap Mon
2) Hoseok
3) Jung Woo Sung
4) Woo Bin

Bias Madness Day 13 – Bias 4 and Bias 1:

You are the High Priestess of Fire for a tribe on a tropical island paradise built around a volcano. Two of your acolytes and lovers are Bias X and Bias Y. One night, after a passionate night with both of them, your god sends you a dream. “I am a jealous god and you are too distracted to perform your duties to me properly. Tomorrow you must sacrifice one of them, with your own hands, to the volcano to appease me, or the volcano will erupt and burn the village to the ground.” Who do you push into the volcano, and who do you keep by your side?

Kim Namjoon VS Woo Bin

I’m sorry, only a person with no soul could push Kim Namjoon into a volcano. Look at those dimples, just LOOK at them…

Bias Madness Day 14 – Bias 2 and Bias 3:

You’ve been working as an English language consultant for the Korean entertainment industry in Seoul for a couple of years – making sure the English bits in Kpop lyrics aren’t too laughable and helping with American cultural questions (Yes, blackface is a bad idea). In your work you’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and have struck up a working relationship, and maybe more, with Bias X and Bias Y. But your job is stressful and sometimes you just gotta let your hair down completely, so this weekend you’re going to The House of Yes (This is an actual club name. I can’t even…) an underground BDSM club.

As you walk through the doors of the club, you scan your options – both in partners and for play. What are you in the mood for tonight? As your eyes drift over the crowd and the variety of activities (Spanking? Medical room?), you stop dead in shock. 20 feet away, wearing tight leather pants and setting up a scene with the St. Andrews Cross, is Bias X. They turn to look for a “victim” and spot you. Smiling slowly, Bias X holds up a blindfold and some cuffs to you in invitation. You start to cross the floor toward them, when you catch a movement out of the corner of your eye and feel a gentle tug at the back of your skirt. You look down, and there, looking beautiful on their knees, is Bias Y, waiting for you to notice them. Their head is bowed submissively, but they’re holding up the end of a leash in their hands like they’re offering you a gift. The leash is attached to a collar around their neck (that’s attached to a sexy leather harness across their chest).

Who is the dom and who is the sub? And who do you choose? You only get to choose one as this pushes your relationship with them into the serious category. The other you have to let go. -Leila

Hoseok vs Jung Woo Sung
Well this is a very…interesting scenario! And as my biases in this round are hugely different and seem to fit directly in their categories. Hoseok, you know I love you baby, but I just can’t be mean to you–even if you want me to… Jung Woo Sung Let’s do this! Is there some sort of contract I sign? My safe word is popcorn!

Bias Madness – The Last Day – The End – It’s Over:

You, bias x and bias y are research scientists for the World Health Organization and have been working closely together for the past year. During a routine experiment, searching for a cure for Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, all three of you are exposed to the virus. The incubation period for the illness is extremely short, but if you receive the vaccine prior to exhibiting symptoms, you will not develop the disease. There are only three doses of the vaccine available to your research team, but as both men have grown extremely attached to you over the time spent in such close quarters, they have opted to ensure that you receive the first dose. Unfortunately, during the rush to get the vaccine out and administered, one of the vials is knocked to the floor and broken. No one places blame, and no one is angry, however, the decision has to be made as to who will receive the final dose and who will die. You have to make that choice, and make it quickly.

Jung Woo Sung VS. Kim Namjoon

The last of the last. Who will be the literal last man standing? This was a hard one as Jung woo sung is all sexy and age appropriate while Namjoon is…Namjoon. who can willingly let him die? Certainly not Jung Woo Sung who snatches the syringe from the table and plunges it into Namjoon’s thigh. Good bye Jung woo sung, I will cry for you forever.


So the ultimate bias-bias??? KIM NAMJOON!!!!

Although. Raise your hand if you see my error…


  • Reply KpopontheDL April 22, 2017 at 2:31 am

    And shout out to the lovely ladies from Noonas Love Kpop! I got the game from that group and several of these scenarios are taken from them. I didn’t write down who wrote them originally, so I didn’t know who to give credit. Please let us know so we can credit you!

  • Reply fournier48 April 22, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    So fun, ladies! I may have ended up with JiSoo and Nam Joo-hyuk at the end and sacrificed myself so that they can bromance forever. You’re all welcome.

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