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Posted by Stephanie on April 26, 2017

Casting News

New drama alert! And the best sort of drama, the kdrama variety. There is an upcoming drama which hit my radar screen which I’m actually sort of excited about, not so much for the drama itself, but because it reminds me of another drama.

Oh. And the possible casting.

There is a drama called Hospital Ship which is about a hospital on a boat that travels from small island to small island taking care of villagers who don’t have local doctors. As soon as I heard that my brain went DING! hey, haven’t I seen that drama? Sounds an awful lot like the Japanese show I drama chatted back in the day called Clinic On the Sea. 

Now, it might just be the haze of time past but I remember that show being as cute as hell. The idea of a remake would actually make me pleased. Or even just a kdrama tweak on it.

Alas, none of the information I’m reading references the show, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high for it. (The last time I watched a drama because it sounded like something else, I got stuck in Scent of a Woman and I don’t have enough tears left in me to go threw something like that again.)

The other thing that makes me excited about the idea of this show is that Ha Ji Won is considering starring in it. Now, unfortunately, I haven’t watched a Ha Ji Won show since King 2 Hearts (goodness, how long ago was that??) but I do like her as an actress and would like to see her again in something. She has this ability to do both serious and comedic rolls so not only does she have some range, it means that this show could end up being pretty much anything, tone wise.

Here’s hoping she signs on. Here’s hoping it turns out well. And the little part of my heart says…here’s hoping it’s a remake of Clinic On the Sea.

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    Sounds interesting.

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