Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Tunes to Fly To

Posted by SaraG on April 27, 2017


Much like any idol, when I am jetting off to far off places for gigs, I am highly concerned about my airport fashion. I mean, when people are bound to be taking pics of me and splashing them across the internet, I want to look my effortless best. I like the casual look, artfully ripped jeans, a plane but hugely expensive t-shirt, a face mask, and a luxury brand clutch. Part of my ‘I’m hugely famous but I want an ounce of anonymity whilst I’m traveling’ look are my earbuds. I always have them plugged into my head to keep me separate from the rest of the masses. I feel that they give me a tiny bubble of separation from the chaos.

The only part of the above paragraph that is remotely true is that I always have my headphones either in my ears or within easy reach. I have to have music to travel. HAVE TO. I’ve crafted tens of playlists on my fruit themed streaming service (see how crafty I am at keeping my pay to listen service hidden…don’t want to give free advertising) and I download them to my phone so I always have options in case my mood changes mid flight. But I cannot fly without a hip hop playlist at the ready. There’s something about being in a big group but separated from them all by very loud music vibrating around my skull that makes me feel relaxed and content.

I have been in Atlanta all week at a giant work related conference. My flight on Monday morning took off at 6:00am. That means I had to leave my house at 3:30 in the morning in order to park and get to the gate on time. That is flipping early. The kinds of challenges posed by pre-dawn existence require some seriously good music to pull a person through. Don’t worry. I prepared in advance. And I thought I would share all of that prep work with you, dear Kchat community.

Since there is no way I can afford to pay for all of the different music streaming services utilized by all of the folks that read this blog, and since I am far too lazy to actually make the same play list over and over in those different streaming platforms, I’ve crafted a Youtube playlist of what I put together for this, and many previous flights. The link below will take you there. It’s a 25 song playlist (I have some much longer playlists at my fingertips as well…but this one, for whatever reason, tends to float to the top most frequently). I’ve shared some of the songs before as part of Musical Monday or Throwback (Musical) Thursday, and I don’t promise that I won’t share some of the others as individual posts in the future. But, I feel like they all kind of fit together nicely and that fact deserved to be shared. Not all of the songs have official MV’s, but I included them anyway because they are marvelous and shouldn’t be left unloved because they don’t have music videos.

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Plane Ride Hip Hop Playlist



  • Reply DBChen April 27, 2017 at 9:04 am

    It’s rainy today in Atlanta but glad you had some sunny weather earlier this week. Hope you had some time to enjoy it.

    • Reply SaraG May 1, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      Unfortunately, we mostly conferenced…BUT, I did get out in the evening to walk around a bit. I need to learn more about Atlanta since we pop in there now again…Home to the CDC and all.

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