Asia On Tour: Or How I’m Currently Pregnant With Miyavi’s Musical Baby

Posted by Stephanie on April 30, 2017


When I heard that Miyavi was coming to town, I was all…well that’s nice. I remember Cherry Cordial and the Mystical Being of Unicorns have a big heart-on for him and he was on heavy rotation on my first KCon/Cherry Cordial visit. I think at one time I may have had some of his music on his phone but I didn’t really connect with it enough to keep it there. However, when it was suggested to me that I should go I was ‘eh’. When I found out the tickets were only twenty-five bucks? My tune turned to ‘heck yeah, I’ll go!’

Turns out though, it wasn’t just Miyavi who was playing. The whole concert was a tour called Asia on Tour, get this, Kiha and the Faces were going! That turned my heck yeah, into something even more excited. Then, of course, I had to admit, though Korean I liked Kiha and the Faces for the exact same reason I liked Miyavi — Cherry Cordial liked them.

There was also a third band playing named Slot Machine however since I didn’t know anything about them and didn’t care enough for the entire concert in general, I didn’t actually do any research on them in advance. That sounds terrible. I did care for the concert. It just wasn’t something I was excited with a bullet for….at least until someone kept sending me hot AF Miyavi gifs (seriously, how is someone allowed to be that sexy??) I sent one to Leila and she turned it into a Khottie of the Week. Then? Then I was excited.

Turns out I’m such a perv.

The night of the concert I met up with my work friend Oana, she is a HUGE Miyavi fan so when I brought it up she was all like, fudge yeah I’m coming.

The venue was a place called Irving Plaza which turns out is teenie tiny. Ahem. I believe the preferred term is intimate. Thinking back on it, I think it was about the same size as the venue where B1A4 performed earlier this year. They were late letting us in, they were late starting the show, the whole thing went laaaate. However. We got fairly close to the stage. I was a little concerned about being obvious with my camera as the security guard who waved me in said they might make me check it, which I didn’t want as I hate not being able to bring my camera places AND coat check was $4.50.

As it took a while for the concert to start, we met up with a friend in the crowd of Oanas’s who told us the second band was a Thai band he liked. Okay. Prepping for second band complete.

The first band to perform was Kiha and the Faces. Let me tell you this, Kiha? Flipping adorable. He knows how to play with the crowd, and totally appears to not take himself too seriously. When I heard that he was dating IU a while back I just didn’t understand, but after seeing him? I totally get it. Though they have since broken up, I totally ship them together and hope those crazy kids and work it out and be together.

While their music wasn’t my cup of tea, his personality and crowd interaction made the entire thing a lot of fun. My favorite part of the concert was when they covered at Talking Heads song.


I love that song and I love that cover of it. From the sounds of the crowds, I wasn’t the only one who was having a good time. Even Oana, who didn’t really have any interest in it, came out of there liking him and even liking their music.

Unfortunately, it was time for them to leave and the second band to come on stage. But not until Kiha played around with the mike stand, carrying it around like he was one of the seven dwarves off to work the mines, there was also an odd attempt at crowd surfing which was ill-advised and from the looks of the security guard who ran up to the stage, unappreciated by them.

Goodbye Kiha, you are too adorable — we’ll always have the Talking Heads.

Next up, Slot Machine.

Here is where I’ll have to admit? I was TOTALLY not into this band. Like really, really not into this band. Like so not into this band I was texting my friends while wishing I had enough battery on my phone to be able to read my fanfiction. (Okay. I maybe at one point I said damn the battery I’m reading!) I didn’t like their music, I didn’t like their act, I didn’t like them.

I feel terrible for saying that.

They only way I can describe them is as an 80’s hair band. Or they got their schtick from an 80’s hair band. There was one point, when at the last song the lead singer came back onstage with this weird visor over his face that me and the girl next to me both laughed inappropriately. What the? However. I had one of the BEST moments while watching these guys! Why?

There I was, discreetly scrolling through my phone (because I am not a monster) and all of a sudden, familiar notes began to play. Notes that I was obsessed with for what seemed like an entire year. My head perked up, my jaw dropped and I scrambled to hit the record on my phone because I KNEW all of my friends would murder me if I didn’t document this astounding moment.


GAAAHHHHHHHH! My mind blew. I was so excited I’m fairly certain I was grinning like a stupid idiot. But I didn’t care. It was Lovesick guys, Love. Sick.

Night? Even if Miyavi forgot to come out on stage my night was totally made. By this band that I literally rolled my eyes at. I’d apologize guys but then the visor thing happened and your guitarist licked his guitar strings and all my good will slipped away.

Eventually, they were off the stage, which meant one thing and one thing only.


The man and the guitar. 

Is there another more powerful word for guitar? 

Something that is infinitely sexier? Whatever that word is that was what was on stage with Miyavi that night.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. This man is sexy AF.

And he totally knows it. Like for real totally knows it. 

But here’s the thing, Miyavi is crazy talented. He sings some. I’m pretty sure I remember that. But what I remember the most is his amazing guitar skills. What he could do with that instrument while strutting around the stage and pose, pose, posing was pretty amazing. 

He has this stage presence which overtakes the whole room. He knows just how to pose, just how to preen, to act while performing to capture the audience’s attention, egging on the crowd’s enthusiasm for him. It was pretty astounding to watch. I think it comes from his background in the Visual K (I think that’s what it’s called, but it could be Visual J? Would that make sense? His JPop roots.) style that taught him this. 

While again, his music wasn’t really for me, that night it didn’t matter. His presence was enough to win over the whole crowd for the night. I’d go and see him again in a heartbeat. Heck, I’d pay double to see him. Triple. (Thank goodness those tickets were only $25.) If he comes to perform anywhere remotely around you, I suggest you do the same.


Here’s a gallery of my photos taken that night.



  • Reply DBChen April 30, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    I saw this show with my husband. He didn’t know any of the songs and came out a fan of Slot Machine. I think it’s because he’s a fan of 80s rock bands and Slot Machine was most like that.

    Kiha and the Faces is not my cup of tea either. However their live show was great and the body-surfing worked out fine.

    I went in being a fan of Miyavi and he did not disappoint! As George Takei put it: Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Reply Rebekah Roberts May 2, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    So lovely! Rocker lovely… 😉

  • Reply KpopontheDL May 3, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    You got some amazing shots!

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