What’s Happening With… Kim Sun Ah?

Posted by Cherry Cordial on May 2, 2017


It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, huh? Can’t say I’ve been curious about anyone as of late. There was a while I was toying with Lee Ji Ah, who was the lead in Me Too, Flower! but once I got to the research part and realized it was nothing…she’s doing nothing, I took a pass. Then got stuck. But last night, we were recording the podcast and she came up. What’s happening with Kim Sun Ah?

To the Wikipedia-mobile!

First, let me just say, it’s not just me, right? There was a period where she was all over the place, in so many notable dramas and then…nothing. Radio silence. Or at least on nothing that I’ve seen her in. Maybe she’s done a lot of movies? Anyway.

Hey! Did you know she was supposed to debut in a band but passed to focus on acting? This seems unlikely,  but Wikipedia says it, so it has to be true, right??

Huh. A good chunk of her early career was eaten up by rumors and legal disputes. Like a lot of them.

Wadya know? She was supposed to start in ajummah rock/unfortunate legal drama I Am Legend but gave it up due to some production issues. (Or maybe she had an inkling as to what the story would end up being.) She could have put those pre-idol skills to use.

She seems to change management companies really frequently. Something tells me actors don’t have quite the contracts that idols do. Or perhaps by now, she’s just accepted anywhere she’d want to go. But makes you wonder what’s going on to switch to switch to switch.

Turns out there was a big space between I Do, I Do and Masked Prosecutor which was filled with a Chinese drama. (Although aren’t Chinese dramas shorter?)

Now we land on the drama which actually brought her back onto our radars. This year she has a new drama coming up called Woman of Dignity. Here’s the interesting thing though, she’s not the lead. She’s actually the second lead, backing up Kim Hee Sun who you’ll remember from Faith and Angry Mom! Woah. I’d say that it was an ageist thing but the two ladies are only a year apart. Again, it makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes. How as this news taken? Was it a competition between the two?

Perhaps this is a drama I want to see…

I’m glad to see that Kim Sun Ah is still around and acting and I feel like at some point I’d love to read a Sun Ah autobiography — something tells me it would be a fascinating read.


  • Reply Rebekah Roberts May 3, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    I love this series of posts… I learn so much! I’m watching Scent of a Women right now… so this is perfect timing. I asked on OKC for something that would make me cry but not depressed and it was mentioned multiple times…that coupled with your recent comment that you “don’t have anymore tears to give,” another drama after watching Scent of a Woman… Made me think it was just the cry-fest I wanted… Me sick and twisted? NAh…. I have to say I am really loving it…and Kim Sun Ah is amazing in it. Thanks!

  • Reply Elle May 3, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Sun Ah’s said in an interview with Cosmopolitan that the director of Woman of Dignity, who also was the director of Kim Sam Soon, promised her that this Dignity role will surpass Sam Soon. I think that’s why she took it.

    I’m really hoping that this drama is a hit for her, she really hasn’t been able to exceed Sam Soon which is a shame because I think she’s a great actress.

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