Chottie of the Week: Godfrey Gao

Posted by KpopontheDL on May 6, 2017

Khottie of the Week

Hello everyone!  I’m back!  I missed you!  Though I did enjoy Stephanie back at the helm with her usual witty commentary.  A few weeks ago, I asked for some non-Korean suggestion for KotW and DBChen stepped up and gave me several names. Thank you, DBChen!  I especially love you this week. Gold star!

So, I’m looking up the names on her list, one at a time, and because I know nothing (I’m still a relative drama newbie, especially outside Korea) I’m like:  “Let’s see… Oh!  He’s cute!  Next one…  Manly. Very handsome. Definitely a good option.  Ok, Godfrey Gao…  Wait…  THE Godfrey Gao?  Oh my god, it’s Magnus Bane!”  See, in one of my parallel lives to K entertainment, I consume a vast quantity of Young Adult fiction and one of my all time favorite series is The Mortal Instruments.  They made the first book into a movie and Godfrey Gao plays Magnus Bane, my favorite character, an 800 year old gay warlock who likes glitter.  It’s not as silly as it sounds. (Side note: The movie isn’t very good. But I’ve heard the series is decent.)

Godfrey Gao is touted as the world’s first Asian male supermodel.  He is some serious eye candy.

His father is Taiwanese and his mother is mother is Malaysian Chinese, but they moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was a child so he grew up and went to school there, visiting China in the summers.

You will be pleased to know that he is 32.  Woot!  I broke 30!  (Guys, its tougher than you think.  Kpop idols are young and that’s what I know.)

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how freaking handsome he is. Like, seriously.

And he’s adorable when he smiles.

He’s been in a bunch of Chinese dramas and movies.  Here he is in Legend of the Ancient Sword.

He is frequently in the main role so you get a lot of screen time with him.  This one below looks like a cute and kind of naughty rom-com. Its called Min and Max.

He just finished up a couple dramas and has a bunch of new movies coming out in the next few months, so keep your eye out for him.

There were so many good videos and I couldn’t include all of them, sadly.  Do yourself a favor, pour yourself a glass of wine, look up Godfrey on YouTube, and sit back and enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend!  See you all next week!


  • Reply DBChen May 6, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Just doing my part to share the gorgeousness. You’re welcome.

    I don’t remember all the other guys I suggested so I’m looking forward to seeing who else pops up.

  • Reply Kate - skimmedmilkdrama May 6, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    He’s so gorgeous, almost unreal.

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