Lookout! I’m Excited!

Posted by Stephanie on May 9, 2017


Hello there, new drama! Not gonna lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited for a drama as I am for MBC’s lookout. It has so many layers, is so edgy, and possibly outside the box — it could almost be a cable drama!

The more I learn about Lookout, the more it pulls me in. It was a shoe-in to at least tickle my fancy as the lead is Kim Young Kwang who is the only person who can potentially overtake my Lee Ji Hoon obsession — and the fact that he’s playing an edgy almost bad guy good guy? Sends my drama spider senses a-tingling. As he’s been making his way up the actor ladder, he’s been shedding his menacing character roots but this role, prosecutor running a ring of vigilantes attempting to get justice when the law has passed them by? Looks to take both sections of his capabilities and mush them into one character.

Count me mother flippin’ in.

On top of that?

We have a great legit kick ass heroine, who feels guilty over someone (it’s a teaser so who actually knows the details) and is scouted to join the team due to her — I’m sure — drive to get even and her abilities as an archery champion. Oooh, a sexy killer heroine who has an ax to grind matched up with an equally angsty and bitter hero?

Should I get my squeee on now?

Probably best to hold on. Why? Easy enough! Today I found out that Kim Seul Gi everyone’s favorite comedic second lead has a role in the drama. Now, I love me some Kim Seul Gi, I think she is a great actress, but I’m really quite excited at the thought of seeing her perform in something a little outside her usual playbook, having her stretch into a role or a drama that is a little bit more serious or meaty. Honestly, I’m not sure if she can do it, and seeing her try might be weird and pull you out of the drama, but I’d love to see her get further in her career and I’m really excited to see her try this. She’ll be playing a very shy person who joins the group as a hacker, someone who can get into computer systems, into the cameras that are all around Korea. Although. Maybe she won’t be a serious character. Now that I think about it, don’t all the US shows have a character like that, the offbeat person who hangs around in the lab, getting the background work done while being the light-hearted comic relief? That seems more her speed and, while it would disappoint me if that were the case, 1) shows can’t be all dark and angsty all the time and 2) usually those characters are the highlights of the show. (Ahem, Abby from NCIS?)

Not to mention, Key is going to be in the drama too! Key has been doing a bit more acting (was his first drama Drinking Solo last year?) and while I didn’t have any interest in Drinking Solo, I would be interested in seeing him in a drama. Huh. I hope his acting is good enough to pull off a character in this drama though.

So, turns out there is a teaser! I haven’t seen it before, so let’s watch together, shall we?



Huh. Okay, maybe I should have watched the teaser before getting all excited. This drama doesn’t really have the feel I was hoping for. It seems to really want to be a cable drama, but is trying just a little bit too hard and still has the gloss of network. Missing some grit? People weeping with guns doesn’t really make an intense crime drama.

Oh well. I’m going to continue to think positively. And yet my brain keeps trying to pick it apart. Stop it brain, STOP IT! Kim Young Kwan, right? Kim Seu Gi! Kick ass heroine! ….who seems to be doing a lot of weeping.

Damn it.



  • Reply Anonymous May 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    LOL, Stephanie, have you ever thought that you shouldn’t watch teasers? Seems like they frustrate you a lot. 😉 Hmm… Love the cast… Looks interesting. The music sounds good. I would give it a shot.

    • Reply Stephanie May 10, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      HAHAHAHHA you may have something there!

  • Reply Liz C May 12, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Key was pretty great in Drinking Solo. I think this is a good next step, still a quirky, probably comedic character, but maybe a little darker.

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