Throwback (Musical) Thursday – My Mood Influences Your Tunes

Posted by SaraG on May 11, 2017


Life has been busy, overwhelmingly so, for the last…well, it seems like a lifetime and I have been relying heavily on my time with my forever Kbestie Alix, my plotting and picture sharing with Stephanie, my virtual snuggles and YouTube clips from Leila, and my burgeoning friendships with so many great people in our little community to get me through. I don’t know if they all realize quite how important they are to me. Happily, I seem to be on the cusp of a few good things that may alleviate some of the pressure. Of course, the prep to make those good things alleviate anything means more work, but it’s something. It’s a horizon to move toward. I am one of those people whose mood, and I am guessing that many of you are kindred spirits, very much dictates the soundtrack to my life. My mood also very much influences what I post to Kchat on Mondays and Thursdays…so, lucky for me, I get to let my bad attitude dictate what you listen to in a very real way. You’re welcome.

After Monday’s kind of meh musical offering, and my not good/not bad mood recently, I was driven to listen to Changmo over and over and over and over for multiple days in a row. Like seriously, I would pick one album as soon as I woke up and listen to it on repeat until I went to bed. In the last four days, I have literally listened to two Changmo albums. On Repeat. I love Changmo. I love his music, his rhymes, and his production style. I love his collaborations and is solo work. I love his live videos and his painful overuse of autotune. I love that I can literally hear his facial expressions through his voice. His serious face and his smile change the way his words come out. The sound of his smile make the little things in my life just that much more palatable. And that smile is never far off…he seems to always be on the cusp of laughing. I love everything about him with the exception of how few MVs he has released and how few videos he’s actually featured in despite being on the track. He’s a sly MF in his ability to avoid the limelight.

due to this lack of MVs for his earlier works, I was forced to be creative in choosing a song for Throwback, because it obviously had to be Changmo. I was tempted to throw my own rules out the window and put Maestro up here (watch it…please watch it), but I am nothing if not strategic in my rule breaking and this situation just didn’t rise to the level of internal rebellion. So I’m offering up a live video of Don Mills and Changmo performing 사나이 live in 2016…still not really throwing it back very far, but it’s pure gold. Like 24K. Seriously, Don Mills and Changmo are like a rap match made in heaven for me.  I love their individual work tremendously, but their back and forth is magical and when they sing/rap the chorus together, their voices blend into this smooth/raspy perfection that I can’t even describe. I want to date this song. Granted, I would date a lot of things, but, like, I would cancel a date with a number of them to go on a date with this song if it asked me out.

Fingers crossed that it’ll happen one day. I think we would make a lovely couple…me and this song.

던밀스(Don Mills) & 창모(CHANGMO) – 사나이 LI

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