American Good Doctor

Posted by Stephanie on May 16, 2017


To the person who said I probably shouldn’t watch teasers as I don’t usually like them and they turn me off from the show, I say….good point. I am a member of the finicky sort who withers out here in the wily nilly. (Perhaps I should apologize now before you go to read further, I’m in a weird mood tonight and it will absolutely be reflected in my word choices.) Where was I? Oh yes, the perils of someone like me watching a teaser.

However. Sometimes the opposite can happen like it did with The Good Doctor

Was it the fact that a Korean drama has finally made it past all the hoops and have finally got picked up by a US network? (That last step being post-pilot episode request.) Well. Sure. Kinda. (This is a lie. My devotion of Kdrama requires me to answer this way. If you don’t then you could get out of the club and then what would I do with my life?) Is it the fact that they have real (legit) actors playing these roles? Sure

Is it the fact that they have real (legit) actors playing these roles? Sure. I know that guy who plays the good doctor in question.

But really? What made me sit up, do a for real squeal of happiness? The fact that Toby…I mean Richard Schiff who played Toby Zeigler on West Wing is in it. Guys. Saw this and I nearly died. This was primarily because I was stretching while watching and fell over when watching, but it could possibly because I was just really, really excited.

I’d like to say I’ll watch for all of those other reasons, but if Joo Won couldn’t get me to finally sit down and watch Good Doctor, the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory won’t get me to watch this Good Doctor. But Toby? Yep. I’ll be watching that first episode. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I’m probably going to go with…weird.

And I’m okay with that.

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