Throwback (Musical) Thursday – So What’s the Lesson Here?

Posted by SaraG on May 18, 2017


I can completely justify a video or styling concept not quite matching a song. Sometimes you have to give a group a little leeway when a look is just too amazing to pass up. But there are those moments, those horrible, glorious moments when the mismatch is so great you can’t look away. You can’t stop watching and you can’t stop yourself from making everyone around you watch…and then watch again. I’m not talking about when the stylist or director didn’t quite manage to pull off what they were going for (I’m looking at you BTS, We Go Hard – nobody has ever worn football shoulder pads with chains to look cool), I’m talking like complete and total divergence between song, dance, styling, and the storyline of the MV.

When it dawned on me that I still hadn’t written the post for today I was in the middle of a text-a-thon with KpopontheDL and I put it out there that I was welcoming suggestions. She, being her, immediately shot off several ideas, complete with youtube links and recommended talking points. The one thing all of the suggestions had in common? Adorable boy groups. The one that stuck out the most to me? The song she started off as describing as “wonder of wonders” and wrapped up with “That’s an interesting video, cause you’re like what am I watching?”

And she was so right. So very, deliciously right. I know that she loves this group and this video with all of her heart because she is Leila and Leila is all that is good, (not) pure, and wonderful in the world. And I also know that she was reveling in the fact that this was the exact opposite of anything I would ever choose to watch or listen to…and then watch and listen to over and over and over because, damn it, I couldn’t stop. The song it super bright, poppy, full of synth and artificial sunlight. The dance is all coy kicky dance steps and shoulder shrugs, and the styling is…really great eyeliner…and then some clothes and hair I don’t quite understand but almost, almost, think is cool. Almost. They were close. And they smile the whole time. The entire song. They are smiling.

The smile totally matches the song. And the dance. Not the video. The storyline is about a guy cheating on his girlfriend with an older woman. Like seriously hitting up the bars with the lady, at her total beck and call at night, and then having group dates with his age appropriate girlfriend and his bandmates during the day. But you can’t keep cheating a secret, right? Your older lover has cash money and she can certainly afford perfume that lingers. The lesson learned from the whole mess? Smile really big and shrug your shoulders in a distracting way through everything and it’ll work out. If it doesn’t? Buy your girlfriend the same perfume that your lover wears and she’ll never put it all together.


But damn, they are still super adorable. Seriously. It’s not cool.

Teen Top, No More Perfume on You

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  • Reply KpopontheDL May 18, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Hahahahaha! I can’t believe this is the one you picked! What reminded me of it was that Omonayoudidn’t had a Guilty Pleasures poll and this was in their the Top 10 for the voters. Such a catchy tune, even with the WTF video. That last scene where the girlfriend shows up and the look he gives her? What the heck is that? Other than that I am a huge fan of the Smell the Perfume on My Lapel dance move. And where they put their hands in their back pockets. Glad I could both horrify and entertain you.

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