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Posted by KpopontheDL on May 20, 2017

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Its been a while since I’ve covered a girl and in honor of my rapidly approaching 2nd year anniversary in Kpop I am going to cover my very first girl group bias, AOA’s Choa.  I remember very clearing looking up my first Kpop video, EXO’s Growl and seeing down the side of YouTube the whole “Up Next” queue. The the next video was a group called AOA with Like a Cat.  I let it play.

Picture how big my eyes were, as a complete newbie, watching this video unfold.  That was the turning point, right?  One video I liked could be a fluke, it’s hard to hate hot boys dancing, but TWO that I liked?  Girls shaking their asses?  But they were awesome girls shaking their asses. I wanted to be them.

And to be honest, embrace my inner pervy teenage boy, because, damn…

My favorite was Choa just because she seems so… relaxed and poised and confident.  Sexy but classy.

She’s a beautiful singer.  I always love her tone of voice when she’s singing in her preferred range.

I miss AOA’s band concept.  She actually does play the guitar.

My favorite of her solo song’s is this one she did with Primary, Don’t Be Shy.  I’m glad I can remind everyone about it before summer, because this is a badass song to blast while you drive around with the windows down.

I also love her many different looks – from streetwear to fairy princess.

I do love looking at her. And she really holds AOA together with her vocals and charisma.  So it was fun to take a few minutes to appreciate one of the people who brought me into Kpop.  I’ll have to give some thought to who else I can cover to commemorate my 2nd year in the fandom.  So many choices!  See you next week!

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