Khottie of the Week: iKON’s Jay (aka Jinhwan)

Posted by KpopontheDL on May 28, 2017

Khottie of the Week

This weeks post is a little bit about my Kpop journey from way back when I joined the fandom till now.  iKON debuted not long after I got into Kpop. I hadn’t watched WIN: Who’s Next or Mix&Match, but people had seemed really excited about them, and I like hip-hop based groups, so I was too.

However, pretty much from day 1, there was so much news about their questionable behavior that, even though I didn’t mind My Type and I really liked Rhythm Ta, I decided I wasn’t going to reward their shenanigans by spending time and money on them.

My first time ever contacting Kchat Jjigae, and Stephanie, was when iKON had their first comeback.  I had heard her talking about her mixed feeling for iKON as well and I was curious what she thought.  I believe in giving groups a chance to learn and grow, so I checked their new songs out.  I don’t know about Stephanie, but their sound was so BigBang that I was irritated and I abandoned them again.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when Alix (SaraG’s Kbestie and part of our little Ktribe) decides she’s into iKON and is going to learn all the members.  I decide to join her because, 1. I try not to be a hater, and 2. They’re obviously not going away and I really need to be forming an opinion of them based on actual knowledge and not crap I read on the internet, so…

Alix starts sending me pictures and gifs labeled “Name that idol!” (I had a little cheatsheet with their names next to both my work and home computers till I learned them.  They actually do have slightly difficult names to get your head around, so while I learned their original names, I get why they might have changed their stage names). I send Alix links to fanfic and video clips, and we both pick up watching their variety, including going back and watching Mix&Match.

Mix&Match was a great way to get to know them.  Good lord, they are talented.  But whats the best way get people to love your idols?  Pair them with puppies!  YG, the evil genius, put BI and Jinhwan on a show called Mari & Me which is them playing with dogs, and Seo In Guk.  I’d like to say I’m too strong to fall for that manipulation, but that would be a lie.

Through all of this, I find myself gravitating to Jinhwan (now, Jay), vocalist, dancer, and oldest of the group.  He’s their pocket idol, so of course he’s my favorite.

He reminds me of Seo In Guk a little bit.

And he’s willing to work it.

But I was telling myself that I was still in the casual, “we’re just friends”, stage of our relationship when Alix sends me a gif…

and I get honest-to-god flutters in my chest.  “This is your fault!”  I respond in dismay.

“Nope. I’m pretty sure it was that fanfic you sent that did it.”

She may be right.  Beware of fanfiction y’all, it messes with your emotions.

So, I guess it goes to show you that you never know where you’re going to end up in this crazy world of Kpop fandom.  I really have enjoyed getting to know the boys of iKON and I now consider myself a newbie fan.  So!  Who’s with us?  Post your iKON bias down below.  See you next week!


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  • Reply Alix May 31, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Excellent post kpoponthedl, I totally approve. And for me it’s BI/Hanbin all the way…though Yunhyeong (Song) is starting to creep in there especially after seeing him in Mix & Match.

  • Reply Michelle Zheng August 9, 2017 at 7:21 am

    My fav is jinhwan roo

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