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Posted by SaraG on May 29, 2017


As with any sort of artistic medium, in the music world sometimes you feel what’s being released and sometimes it’s just not your thing. In my personal life, I definitely prefer the former situation. But man, when you’re charged with picking one song or artist and talking about it for a blog post it can be so incredibly challenging. I know what I’m listening to, what musical hole I’ve fallen down, but is it really fair for me to only share that style of song over and over and over when there is just so much good stuff out there? All of these precious baby songs need to be loved.

And then we have weeks like this one, weeks when almost every song released is sooooo good I can’t decide what to listen to at all. Weeks when even my friends are challenging me to choose the subject of Musical Monday wisely because their favorite (or second favorite) group has had such a solid comeback. There are also the debuts that just hit it out of the park. And let’s not forget my very own favorite rapper of 2017 putting out a new EP that only serves to reinforce all of the reasons I love this guy. Gah! How does one choose??

One doesn’t.

I can’t put all of the songs I love this week into this post or it would basically be me just linking you the front page of Youtube and saying “Have at.” So instead I grabbed a few songs (nine to be exact) that spanned a few different styles and hit a few solid highlights. I absolutely encourage you to listen to the entire EP or album for the songs that came out as more than just a single. In particular, Changmo and Seventeen released excellent EPs. Nary a bad song among them.


Rappers get to be highlighted first because I’m me and I’m selfish. Changmo, who I wrote about a couple of posts ago, describes himself as a pianist, a producer, and a rapper. I’d add poet, charmer, and heart stealer. He is crazy talented and truly one of my favorite things about life right now. His new EP, Gettin Money Moment is excellent from start to finish. I haven’t found any MVs for any of these new songs, but I’m including one of the tracks as part of today just to encourage you to look it up. So good.

Changmo, Five


We can’t forget that Loco has been a busy boy. He’s been releasing MVs steadily over the last week on an almost daily basis with a series of featured artists. I’ve liked all of them to varying degrees. Movie Shoot has been my favorite. I think. At least for this minute. The fact that this song features DPR Live plays no small part in why it’s doing very good things to me.

Loco (Ft. DPR Live), Movie Shoot

Yezi originally debuted as part of Fiestar, but has been making a name for herself as a solo rapper since 2015 and her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 2. She is fierce, talented, and hot. There may be a bit of cultural appropriate going on here, but it’s pretty hard to take your eyes off her.

Yezi, Anck Su Namum


The song I’m going to put out there for R&B actually came out like 11 whole days ago, so isn’t really part of this week. But I couldn’t not share it. Dean has released and been featured on some of my favorite music over the last year. He is really one of the reasons I’ve started following R&B at all. I didn’t think I was a fan of the genre, but it turns out I am.

Dean (Ft. Syd), Love

Boy Bands

I picked three recent boy band releases to include in today’s post because they all cut through the fog of my bad mood when nothing else was really making a dent outside of some pretty explicit rap. I can say, in all honesty and with great surprise, my favorite of the three actually comes from Seventeen. I like Seventeen well enough. They aren’t a group that I follow closely and I had all but given up on being able to name the members (I appear to be stuck at five). But after this song and video, I’m re-evaluating my lack of effort. Though, two of the highlights for me were Hoshi and Woozi and I would know those guys anywhere so it’s possible that I my re-evaluation won’t get me very far.

Seventeen, Don’t Wanna Cry

Ikon seems to be one of the hardest working groups out there with very little support from their management company. Shock. This is the same management company that doesn’t support Winner, BlackPink, or anyone else with the exception of Big Bang…who doesn’t need it. Ikon actually sounds a bit (a lot) like Big Bang and seems to be struggling to find their own sound. As per usual for Ikon, this song is heavy on the BI and Bobby with very little from the vocal line, but they have more songs coming out in the next few weeks that hopefully give us the chance to hear more from the other members. After you watch this version, I recommend you check out the dance practice video…it’s …so…

Ikon, Bling Bling


Admittedly, this next song is a bit generic with it’s dangerous girl and group of five members trying to get her love, blah blah blah. But there was just something about the way they moved when they danced and the way they tried so earnestly that spoke to me. It’s not even a song I’m going to listen to very often, but darn it, they were cute.

B.I.G., Hello Hello


Girl Group

I know almost nothing about Marmello outside of the fact that they are a girl group that just debuted this week. Their song is adorable, but in that Red Velvet kind of adorable which is just a little this side of crazy. They appear to actually play instruments (which is awesome) and the way they are all so freaking cute but with a totally flat affect charms me to no end. Love it. Your song can be disgustingly aegyo and if you look just a smidge crazy, you’ll get me. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Marmello, Puppet


Rebellious Breakout Idol

For the final song of today, I give you our favorite former boy group member gone rogue, Nam Taehyun (South Club) and his song Hug Me. His voice is beautiful, the sound is exactly what you’d expect from him based on previous Winner tracks, and the lyrics and video are delightfully melancholy. Seriously, this boy needs a hug. I have no doubt he gets plenty of other skinship, but he needs a hearty maternal hug and to be sent to his room for a nap and some time to think about things. He just always looks so tired and a smidge desperate. That boy has talent and I hope he’s taking good care of himself so we get a chance to hear from him for a long time.

Nam Taehyun (South Club), Hug Me

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