Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Body Rolls

Posted by SaraG on June 1, 2017


I hate when songs use the words ‘Bow Wow’ prominently. It throws me. I feel like even I’m too cool to be listening to music that has young men poorly mimicking a dog. I definitely wouldn’t have liked it when I was younger either. I wouldn’t have given the song a chance. That all being said, two of my favorite Kpop songs include this hateful phrase – BTS’s Fire and UNIQ’s EOEO. Though I guess technically Uniq is saying ‘Wow Wow’, but it sounds like ‘Bow Wow’ unless you’re really listening carefully.  In my old age, I forgive both groups for this transgression even though I may lower the volume in my car a little for those parts just in case anyone is listening in as I drive by with my windows down.

UNIQ is exactly as their name proclaims – they are magical little unicorns. They are a five member Kpop group made up of South Korean and Chinese members formed by a Chinese company that does a lot of their stuff in China. I’m torn if just having a couple of Korean members and singing in Korean makes you Kpop or if they are actually a Cpop group that is active in Korea. The jury’s out for me, but honestly, with body rolls like that it really doesn’t matter much. I’m honestly not giving it much thought as I watch them dance. Not really capable of giving it much thought. In fact, I’m more fanning myself than I am giving any thoughts.

I haven’t really gotten into many of their songs…I can only name two that I like well enough to remember off hand and only one that I listen to regularly – and listen to it, I do. I love EOEO. It’s everything I want in a Kpop song. It’s upbeat, danceable, consistent throughout (not a mash-up of two or three different songs the producer couldn’t quite finish and slammed together a la  Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang), and it’s super catchy. The video features great styling (with questionable hair and fabulous eyeliner), black light paints, lots of backup dancers, and a shirt lift. All is right in Kpop. or Cpop.

I’m throwing in the bonus dance practice video below – so you can see just how great both the standing and the kneeling body rolls are without all of the flash and bang.


UNIQ, EOEO (Dance Practice)

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