Musical Monday – I Just…This Summer, Man

Posted by SaraG on June 12, 2017


Seriously, it happened again. There are just so many great songs coming out this summer I’m having a really difficult time narrowing down what I want to listen to at any given moment, let alone what to write about. How does one look at the new GD release and think “damn, that was so amazing, but it’s only one of the sixty amazing things I heard today?” Honestly, I feel a little nauseous. I didn’t want to bombard you all with another “Here are my nine favorite tracks of the last 15 minutes,” so I had to choose one perfect little gem.

Palette is the debut EP by Korean R&B/Hip Hop singer Taylor. Three of the six songs on the EP were released as singles last year, but I’m feeling pretty confident in my assumption that not many of you noticed these little jewels quietly slip into being. The entire release is beautiful. It’s a story about love, people changing, breakups, longing, and all of those things that angsty young artists feel so strongly about. The sounds are liquid. You can feel the beat and his voice kind of slip against your skin. It’s perfect for late night walks alone through your (safe) neighborhood. I know this from experience…and what an experience.

The video released along with the EP is for the track Swimming Pool. I’ve read that the song was inspired by the word “falling,” as in, falling into water and falling in love. That’s straight sexy. As is the video. I’ll refrain from giving you a shot by shot description of it, but please, do watch it. It’s totally worth your time if you enjoy things that are good about life. No judgment if you don’t…but I feel sad for you.

As for the other great releases, please take a look at GD’s Untitled, 2014, Suran and Dean’s 1+1=0, Dae Hyun’s Shadow and Jongup’s Try My Luck, Eddy Kim’s Heart Pound, Vinicious’s Easy on SM Station, Samuel Seo and Qim Isle’s Mango, Gummy’s IIYo, Pentagon’s Critical Beauty, and FT Island, Day 6, Sik-K, Hyoyeon, and so many more. So. Much. Music.

Taylor, Swimming Pool

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