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Posted by Stephanie on June 13, 2017


I’M BACK! Did you miss me? (I hope so.) As I’m emerging from the bowels of a cross country move and am even more slowly trying to get out from under the effects of being in a city a mile high in the air (which translates to me need to nap every other 10 minutes or so), I’m ready to get back to you guys.

You know. In between the desperate job search. 😉 

After a final night of Korean food at my favorite Korean restaurant in Ktown

and a photo in front of the EXO cut outs in in front of the Nature’s Republic (it seemed like full circle).

I’m now firmly ensconced in the arms of SaraG and Alix and let me tell you, they have been taking great care of me. Upon my arrival (my very late arrival due to airplane issues) I was greeted by this sight:

Let’s take a closer look at those signs:


Yep, these two sacrificed the kpop stickers purchased in Korea to make me feel more welcomed.

Upon arrival of the house, I find my room has been suitably fitted out for me, from the BTS duvet cover

To the nightstand with a J (for Junsu) nightlight, a T.O.P calendar and the promised if I actually went through with the Denver move official Dorian Gray program.

Staying with and having Kpop/kdrama friends lugging you around is great! We’ve got a house filled with Korean products (beauty, food, and kpop schwag), cars and houses which have continual kpop playlists playing. There are trips to HMarts where we chase around the sample ajummas, there are in-person writing summits, where TServo and Guster02 (our official fanfic nom-de-plumes) plot and scheme their BTS-Zombie fanfic. There are roomie watching nights (we plowed through the web drama The Miracle) and Friday night gatherings where I made my non-famous dukbokki and we watched iKon variety shows and kpop music videos. (Or they did and I slept through it but if I had been awake, I totally could have participated…). There are promised visits with other Denverite Kpop Nerd Herders (what up LizC!).

All in all, Denver has been pretty good. Hopefully, this move will be exactly what my life needed and I’ll be able to be back with you, with the #klife again. This post is a pretty good start, isn’t it???



  • Reply Spice Angel June 17, 2017 at 8:04 am

    I am so happy for you!!! Very thoughtful welcome signs and room decor!!

    I am personally excited for in person FF sessions. I am really enjoying the zombie story.

    Cheers to new adventures!!!

    • Reply Stephanie July 18, 2017 at 8:33 pm

      Can I tell you just how much it tickles me that you’re reading Infectious?

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