Throwback (Musical) Thursday- Because it’s Summer

Posted by SaraG on June 15, 2017


This week calls for light-hearted entertainment. Like straight up summer songs that make us want to dance in our office chairs and probably make a fool of ourselves…but not really care because it’s soooo great. Yeah. That’s what this week needs. Maybe some palm trees, some sand, some sun, but not too much…possibly a good fade into a dusky evening with friends. Yep. That’s the stuff.

Jero, our hero of the day, was originally part of the boy group Touch before shifting over to the group Lucky J with one of our favorite kick butt rappers, Jessi. In 2015, the trio went on hiatus and all of the members started doing solo stuff.  Jero has done decently as a solo artist and has released some pretty good collabs in the last couple of years to include a perfect little summer song, Airplane, with Giriboy in August 2016. It completely changed the way I embrace the hotter months.

Seriously though, it isn’t soul changing, but it does make me incredibly happy. The little quiver in his voice tickles me to no end and when they dance in this video, oh, they dance. It isn’t choreographed and it’s perfect…they just feel the music and move to it…much like I do when I hear the song. So I fit in. We should be friends.

Music certainly doesn’t have to be deep to be meaningful. My soul doesn’t need to shift a little because a song touched me. Sometimes it’s good to remember that fact. Honestly, that’s what a good summer song is for.

Jero, Airplane (ft. Giriboy)


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