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Posted by Stephanie on June 16, 2017

Casting News

As Alix lovingly refers to him “The Other J” is back! Okay, Jaejoong has been back from the military for a while. Follow him on social media and you’ll see, not only has he been back but he’s been happily making up for the time he missed while doing his military service, all footloose and fancy-free.

Now though? Now it’s time to get back to work.

After much speculation, it looks like his return from the military project has been decided and it will be a full drama! Can a fangirl get a woot-woot? …..wooot woooot!

…..wooot woooot!

His return to drama vehicle will be a time travel drama (question, when is this trope phase going to pass? I’d say it should have been done by now, as Kdrama legendarily has a short attention span, but it’s been I’d say a solid two years already) where he plays a slacker or near-do-well who lives off his parents, who finds a way to go into the past (or could be future) in order to prevent a wedding happening in a week.

Umm…. not gonna lie, I’m getting flashbacks of Operation Proposal—hardcore. While that show did have a very capable cast, ultimately it was pretty badly flawed. As one drama is never the same as another I, in no way, can (or shouldn’t) use this case of the heebie-jeebies against Manhole. This one could work! And even if it isn’t, it’s at least 16 hours of Kim Jaejoong, and that’s worth something, right?

There had been a rumor he was signing onto do a web drama and what I’m not sure is if he is going to be doing that as well, or if he chose Manhole over that one. When I heard about the web drama, I thought he 1) was a bit too big of a name for him to be doing a web drama and 2) wasting the post-military buzz actors get for their first projects back. For first projects, it’s your turn to reach to accept something a little beyond what you usually do because at this time producers are pretty much offering you anything.

While Jaejoong isn’t the strongest actor out there, he does have an allure to him, not just his looks, but a way to make his characters watchable. So, will this drama be watchable? I guess time will tell.

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